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Keywords: International, Middle East & North Africa, North America, English, Hebrew, Arabic, Non profit organization, Religion & Belief, Palestinian and Israeli civilian efforts, non violent solutions, media, educational tools, civic participation, conflict, Washington DC, Jerusalem

Just Vision is a nonprofit organization that informs local and international audiences about under-documented Palestinian and Israeli joint civilian efforts to resolve the conflict nonviolently. Using media and educational tools, we raise awareness in order to encourage civic participation in grassroots peace building.

At Just Vision, we believe in the value of cooperative Palestinian and Israeli efforts to build a sustainable, free and safe future for all, and the importance of media coverage to raise awareness of these courageous endeavours.  We also believe that there is no silver bullet to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict; a lasting solution will require participation from everyone in every sector. Civil society therefore has a significant role to play in catalyzing a diplomatic resolution to the conflict.