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Posted: 5 October 2010

Location: USA, Worldwide

“For example, the word “jihad” is commonly mistranslated as “holy war” and believed to be something that is inherently wrong, dangerous, sinister, etc. While some militant groups use the term in that way, the concept has a...different meaning  for mainstream Muslims” – excerpts from the “Best Practices for Reporting on Islam”

The online guide aimed at Western journalist reporting on Islam has been released by Michigan State University School of Journalism and is titled “Best Practices for Reporting on Islam”.


For example, the term “jihad” is commonly mistranslated as “holy war,” and often has sinister connotations; likewise the Arabic phrase “Allah u Akbar” which means “God is the Greatest,” is presented in the media as some sort of battle cry.


But according to the manual, both terms have an entirely different meaning to mainstream moderate Muslims.

The authors also point out the importance of remembering that Islam is not monolithic and there is no single “Muslim viewpoint.”

The Manual is aimed at journalists looking to build competency in regards to the Islamic belief system, particularly when it comes to defining terms and distinguishing between religion and ethnicity.


Click here to view the manual “Best Practices for Reporting on Islam

Courtesy of International Journalists’ Network