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The European Disability Forum (EDF) is an independent European non-governmental organisation (ENGO) that represents the interests of 50 million disabled people in the European Union and stands for their rights. It is the only European platform of disabled people, which is run by disabled people or the families of disabled people unable to represent themselves.

EDF’s mission is to promote equal opportunities for disabled people and to protect their Human Rights, making sure that no decisions concerning disabled people are taken without disabled people. It was created in 1996 by its member organisations to defend issues of common concern to all disability groups, and to be an independent and strong voice for disabled citizens towards the EU institutions and other European authorities. Since that date, the European Disability Forum has played a key role in ensuring that all relevant European Union policies and initiatives take disabled people into account. EDF has no political or religious affiliation; it does not represent any specific interest or country and it is not a European institution or body. It is a democratic European platform that believes that a society, in which disabled people are fully included, is a better society for all.”