Consolidating Knowledge & Assessing Media Practices across the EU PDF Print

medivapic1Published: 8 July 2011

Region: EU

The MEDIVA project seeks to strengthen the capacity of the media to reflect the increasing diversity of European societies and thus foster a better understanding of immigrant integration processes at a time when social cohesion and integration policies are put to the test by an acute economic crisis.

To achieve this aim, the project will:

  1. Survey existing studies/projects assessing the media capacity to reflect diversity and promote migrant integration (looking at 5 aspects: content of news, news making and programme production, recruitment, employment, training) across Europe;
  2. Create a searchable data base of these studies;
  3. Create a set of Indicators assessing the capacity of the media to reflect diversity and promote integration;
  4. Assess 30 selected media outlets (TV channels, newspapers, news web sites) across Europe on the basis of these indicators;
  5. Organize 5 Intranet Workshops to present the database, the indicators and discuss how they can be used;
  6. Create and use a targeted e-mail list of relevant stakeholders to disseminate the project results (database, indicators, their use for policy assessment/policy design and journalist training).

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