Belgian Survey of Diversity and Equality in the Francophone Press PDF Print

diversitereportPublished: 12 October 2011

Country: Belgium

The Association of Professional Journalists (AJP) has published the first study that examines the diversity and equality in the French-speaking press in Belgium. The study examined 2225 articles of six newspapers over a period of 3 days.

The results show that the media coverage in the Francophone press is largely male-dominated with less than 18% of women present in press. The coverage of minority groups is scant with an overwhelming majority (83%) of the news focusing on "white" Caucasians.

The study also shows that disabled people are often ignored by the press; among the 2225 news articles, only 32 disabled people (representing 0.33% of news coverage) were mentioned in the news.

For more detailed analysis, please download the study here (only available in French).