Ofcom Publishes Report on Measuring Media Plurality PDF Print

Published: 19 June 2012

ofcomOfcom has published its report on measuring media plurality.The report is for the Secretary of State, Jeremy Hunt, who in October 2011 asked Ofcom to consider how to measure media plurality and to report back by June 2012. Media plurality helps to support a democratic society by ensuring citizens are informed by a diverse range of views and by preventing too much influence over political processes by one media owner or outlet. Ofcom considers that the scope of any plurality review should be limited to news and current affairs.

Ofcom has concluded that an effective framework for measuring media plurality is likely to be based, to a significant extent, on data and analysis. However, there are also areas where an important degree of judgement is required. The appropriate approach to exercising such judgement is ultimately a matter for Parliament.


The Secretary of State asked Ofcom to answer five questions:

1. What are the options for measuring media plurality across platforms?  What do you recommend is the best approach?

2. Could or should a framework for measuring plurality include websites and if so which ones?

3. What could trigger a review of plurality in the absence of a merger, how might this be monitored and by whom?

4. Is it practical or advisable to set absolute limits on news market share?

5. Whether or how should a framework include the BBC?

The full report from Ofcom can be found here. The executive summary can be found here.