Mediterranean Forum on Intercultural Dialogue PDF Print

Date: 5- 7 April 2013

Region: France, Marseille

annaforumYouth leaders, civil society organisations, policy-makers and intercultural experts will gather together at the Anna Lindh Foundation Forum in Marseille. They will discuss on intercultural dialogue, which is seen as the key for the Euro-Mediterranean region to deal with challenges following Arab Awakening and the social impact of the economic crisis in Europe.

Under the slogan of “Citizens for the Mediterranean”, participants from all around the world will meet from 4th to 7th April to talk about diversity, media and women among other issues.

‘Ethical Reporting across Cultures’ is one of the organised agoras that will address the role of the media as a tool to contribute to intercultural dialogue. The media help to create the public space for the freedom of expression, debate and plurality of perspectives essential for citizens in a democratic society. It is an essential ingredient to renew Euro-Mediterranean dialogue and make this dialogue more capable of addressing events comprehensively by helping peoples, states and institutions relate to one another on a basis of mutual understanding.

During the workshop, existing initiatives will be assessed to bring journalists and other media actors in the region together on shared professional practices, ethics, training, intercultural dialogue and perceptions, more informed coverage and deconstructing stereotypes.

Aidan White, director of Ethical Journalism Network and Media Consultant at Media Diversity Institute (MDI), will be one of the speakers at this workshop on 6th April, who will join other journalists from Egypt, Morocco, Syria and Ireland.

Dr Rasha Abdulla, from the American University in Cairo and research manager of three reports on media coverage of diversity during Egypt's Consitutional Referendum for MDI, will participate as an expert on 'Media in the Midst of Transition'. This workshop will take place on 5th April and focus on the impact of media on political and social change, and the main challenges media are faacing at this sensitive time.

The Anna Lindh Mediterranean Forum is convoked every three years in order to provide an innovative and participative space for debate, networking and good practice exchange on intercultural dialogue initiatives.

More information on the Anna Lindh Forum is available here.