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Civil Society & the Media Working Together to Fight Ethnic & Religious Discrimination in the EU PDF Print

anti-naziRegion/countries: UK, France, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania and Slovakia

Timeframe/dates: 2012-2014

Funder: Open Society Foundations

This project will encourage and facilitate dialogue between media organisations, civil society organisations (CSOs) and policymakers, on the media’s role in relation to discrimination and intolerance, in three old and three new EU member states (the UK, France, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania and Slovakia). The project will achieve this through dialogue, exchange of know-how and networking during which process the project beneficiaries will identify emerging issues and opportunities, and exchange their European experience and knowledge on the best ways to tackle discrimination and intolerance.

The main activities of the project are: comparative analysis of the professional norms and values of journalists covering ethnicity and religion; working with CSOs to set up advocacy campaigns and improve their advocacy and communication strategies; and organizing events to discuss how to combat intolerance through the media in the participating countries.