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Region: Europe

Timeframe/dates: 2016 – 2018

Funder: European Commission (Directorate-General Justice)

Lead Partner: European Federation of Journalists

MAH_Logo_SmallPartners/affiliates: MDI, Article 19, Community Media Forum Europe (CMFE), Community media Institute (COMMIT), Croatian Journalists’ Association (CJA) and Cooperazione per lo Sviluppo dei Paesi Emergenti (COSPE)

The media and journalists play a crucial role in influencing both policy-making and societal opinion on migration and refugees. As hate speech and stereotypes targeting migrants and refugees proliferate across Europe, balanced and fair media reporting is needed more than ever. Despite some good journalism practices and courageous journalists speaking out against hate, additional training and resources for media professionals and media organisations are needed in order for them to uphold ethical standards when reporting sensitive subjects.


A website will gather the latest news related to ethical standards, freedom of expression, media diversity and resources for media professionals and civil society organisations (CSO) to fight against hate in the media.


Project Objectives:

-          Improve media coverage related to migration, refugees, religion and marginalised groups in general;

-          improve capacity of journalists, media, CSOs and community media to counter hate speech, intolerance, racism and discrimination;

-          improve implementation of legal frameworks regulating hate speech and freedom of speech;

-          raise awareness about various types of discrimination through better reporting on the above issues;

-          provide support to journalists exposing hate speech who have become targets and victims of hatred and harassment for speaking out