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Turkish Students to learn about the EU Values PDF Print

Country: Turkey

Timeframe: December 2014 –December 2016

Funder: European Union

Partners: Eptisa Engineering (Spain; Turkey), Media Diversity Institute, GDSI Ltd (Ireland), Middle East Technical University (Turkey).

Screen_Shot_2015-12-13_at_10.23.41The Project “Students are learning about the EU: Common Values, Fundamental Rights and Policies Technical Assistance” has been initiated under responsibility of the General Directorate of European Union and Foreign Relation. Its beneficiary is Ministry of National Education and is co-financed by the Republic of Turkey and the European Union within scope of IPA-I Programme.

The overall objective of the project is to raise awareness and knowledge on values, fundamental rights and policies of the EU. Project especially aims to increase awareness of lower secondary and secondary school students about the EU through effective educational measures.

The project has two components: raising awareness of the students (10-18 years), teaching and non-teaching staff about values of the EU, its policies and their implementation; and to build capacity for and increase awareness of the Ministry of National Education staff about the EU.

Project Activities

- Implementation of survey in order to measure knowledge levels of lower secondary and secondary school students about the EU;

- Preparation of informative materials;

- Implementation of painting, slogan, and short-story competitions;

- Implementation of capacity building trainings.

Successful implementation of these project activities that are covered by two components of the project will help in achieving these two results:

- Awareness about values of the EU, fundamental rights and its policies, institutions of the EU and their functions, Turkey’s accession process and reforms undertaken for this process will be increased measurably through awareness raising materials;

- Students and teachers will increase their knowledge on the EU through participating in educational systematic activities.