Glossary of Hate Speech in the Media of Armenia and Azerbaijan PDF Print

Keywords: Hate Speech, Armenia, Azerbaijan, stereotypes, inaccurate information

This glossary explores the most common clichés, stereotypes and inaccurate information in the media of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Each section analyses the frequency of use of derogatory terms, with quotations from the media outlets, and its “mirroring” version in the media of the other country. Each of the articles is completed by the analysis of reasons for negative perception of the clichés by the other party. This is followed by recommendations as to how their use can be avoided, alternative options are proposed that can evoke more neutral reactions in the audience of the other country and ultimately help to calm the climate of hate and hostility.

This glossary is not only an evidence of the hostility that has seized the media space of the conflicting parties, but also a tool particularly useful for those journalists in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Mountainous Karabagh and other countries who seek to produce quality and unbiased coverage of the developments and issues of the region.

This study is based on a number of joint studies managed by Yerevan Press club and “Yeni Nesil” Journalists’ Union of Azerbaijan and their observations within 2001-2010.

Glossary of Hate Speech in the Media of Armenia and Azerbaijan.pdf

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