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MLADI: Supporting Youth Civic Engagement through Media and Digital Presence PDF Print

Region/Country: Serbia

Timeframe/dates: March 2019 – March 2022

Funder: Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia

Partners: Media Diversity Institute (lead partner), MDI Western Balkans, KOMS (Umbrella Organisation of Youth in Serbia), Local Press, and Novi Magazin.

MLADI__Supporting_Youth_Civic_Engagement_Through_Media__Digital_PresenceThe project objective is to support youth civic engagement through media and digital presence. The aim is to empower young people in Serbia to become engaged, well-informed and responsible democratic citizens through increasing their media and digital literacy and offering them tools and channels to voice their opinions to wider audience. The project title MLADI stands for Media Literacy Alliance and Digital Importance, and also means ‘young’ in Serbian.


Key activities:


  • Three four-day training workshops for youth activists. A total of 50 youth activists and CSO representatives will be trained;
  • Ten high school media and digital literacy moving labs, which are one day workshops that will explore the concept of active citizenship of young people. A total of 800 high school children will benefit from this;
  • Digital Civic Activism online handbook development, which will feature advice on how to run campaigns and reach an audience, and also use case studies;
  • ‘Our voice matter too’ public discussions across Serbia which will tackle topics such as the youth’s role in politics, activism and the media. 12 of these will take place;
  • Three-day workshop for journalists from national and local media titled ‘Mainstreaming youth perspective.’