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Silencing Hate: How to Report on Migration and Counter Hate Speech PDF Print

Keywords: English, migration, migrants, refugees, hate speech, handbook, guidelines, educational resources, diversity, discrimination

We have gathered around Silence Hate project to combat and prevent online hate speech against migrants and refugees by developing new and creative counter- narratives. Schools and media have a vital role to play in challenging hostility and prejudice, encouraging social solidarity and helping to promote understanding and empathy with others. Instead of focusing only on the possible negative consequences of the use of the internet, the idea is to explore the opportunities offered by modern technologies and innovative media productions for intercultural dialogue. This module can serve journalists, journalism students, civil society activists and those who want to combat hate speech against migrants and refugees.

Silencing Hate: How to Report on Migration and Counter Hate Speech Against Migrants and Refugees

Tags: All Resources Manuals-Handbooks-Guidelines All Types of Diversity Ethnicity-Race-National Identity Religion & Belief Refugees-Asylum Seekers-Migrants All Europe Middle East & North Africa Africa (Sub-Saharan)