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Colorful ContainersThere are 4 different ways to search the resources database:

  1. Using the ‘Keyword Search’ to search for any word(s) you want (e.g. Roma)

  2. Using the ‘Advanced Search’ facility to filter or narrow the available resources using a choice of three categories: Type of Resource; Type of Diversity; Region. For example ‘Manuals/Handbooks/Guidelines’ [about] ‘Disability & Mental Illness’ [relevant to] ‘Western Europe’.

  3. Choosing a particular ‘Theme’, such as Conflict, Media Ethics & Diversity, or Social Diversity Models (Integration, Multiculturalism, Interculturalism, Assimilation etc) etc, in order to see all resources related to that theme.

  4. Choosing a ‘Language’ in order to see all resources available in that language.