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The ‘Trainers’ section contains a list of trainers who have asked for their details to be publicised on the MDI website, and is meant to serve as a resource for those looking for trainers.

It is divided into trainers recommended by MDI and those with whom MDI has not yet worked and therefore cannot recommend (Other Trainers).

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Keywords: international affairs, terrorism and Islam, religion, conflict, Middle east, Rest of the world, French, Spanish, Czech, German, Modern Greek, Arabic, Farsi, print, broadcast, all organizations

Former Senior Fellow and media consultant with United States Institute of Peace. Nominating juror for 1999 and 2000 Pulitzer Prizes for international reporting.  Current Position: Senior Vice President, Content, public broadcaster WITF, Inc. in USA. Published author with expertise in international broadcasting and foreign affairs.

Expertise in Middle East, Central Asia and Islam. Extensive speaking experience on Islamic movements and terrorism, including at U.S. Naval War College, National Defense University, and West Point. Significant experience in national and international media, both print and

Significant experience in organizing and moderating major conferences and seminars, especially dealing with international affairs, Islam, interfaith dialogue and the media.

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