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Street children cry out for help

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The 12 April 2011 was the international day of the street child but, in much of South Sudan, soon to be the world’s newest state, it has passed without notice or acknowledgement, save for a local charity in Yei which organized an event to highlight the social and economic magnitude of the problem.

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Another perspective

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A granny's view on the new State of South Sudan

"We have known nothing but injustice since we were born"

Stories on South Sudan
Separation under local and international auspices PDF Print

SSH1Published: 16 February 2011

For by Hassan Baraky

The referendum results were welcomed by Northern separatists with the slaughtering of cattle, and chanting celebrations in the South. The most important characteristic of the separatist rhetoric, in both the North and the South of Sudan, is the cancellation of facts, the falsification of awareness and the neglect of pressing realities escaping into a future of illusions.

Southern Sudan referendum: Almost 99% for secession PDF Print

SSRCPosted: 24 January 2011

The BBC has reported that president Omar al-Bashir has said he will accept the result of the vote, which was held after over 2 decades of civil war.

Almost 99 % of  people voted for secession of the South from the North, in the referendum, according to preliminary results released by the Southern Sudan Referendum Commission (SSRC) in Khartoum, responsible for conducting the Southern Sudan Referendum in conjunction with its subsidiary in Juba, the Southern Sudan Referendum Bureau (SSRB).

Southern Sudan votes on independence PDF Print

Published: 9 January 2011

Written by: Peter Martell BBC News, Juba

Huge numbers of Southern Sudanese have been voting in a landmark referendum on independence from the north. The week-long vote is widely expected to result in Africa's largest country being split in two. Amid scenes of jubilation, south Sudanese leader Salva Kiir said: "This is an historic moment the people of Southern Sudan have been waiting for." The poll was agreed as part of the 2005 peace deal which ended the two-decade north-south civil war.

Violent clashes reported in Abyei PDF Print

Published: 10 January 2010

Written by Yobu Annet for

Nine people have been reported killed and 30 injured in a flash attack on the people of Abyei. The clash, thought to be between the Sudan Armed Forces and militias, happened three days prior to Southern Sudan referendum. The people of Abyei, who had hoped to walk to polling stations on Sunday to determine whether they will be part of the North or the South, instead had to walk to a funeral ground to bury their dead. Instead of jubilating along with the Southern Sudanese as they cast their votes, they shed tears of mourning for their relatives.

Sudan referendum: after decades of war and millions killed, a new nation is born PDF Print

Published: 7 January 2011

Written by Xan Rice for the Guardian

The sound of gunshots and galloping hooves travelled far through the night. Amel leapt to her feet and ran out of her hut. Her three children quickly followed. They did not pause to speak; they did not need to. The enemy was coming – Arab tribesmen on horseback and behind them government soldiers from north Sudan.

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