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UJOSS Secretary General comments on project

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Street children cry out for help

street childer mini

The 12 April 2011 was the international day of the street child but, in much of South Sudan, soon to be the world’s newest state, it has passed without notice or acknowledgement, save for a local charity in Yei which organized an event to highlight the social and economic magnitude of the problem.

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Another perspective

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A granny's view on the new State of South Sudan

"We have known nothing but injustice since we were born"

Stories on South Sudan
Avoiding war is not enough; we need a promise of peace PDF Print

Sudanpic01By Akim Mugisa

Even better, the north should make an effort to undo some of the recent harm it has inflicted on the south, which is already grappling with the immense challenges of building a new nation.

War is not an option says Southern Sudanese President PDF Print

salvakiirPublished: 2 June 2011

Country: South Sudan

President Salva Kiir of Southern Sudan said he would not go to war with the north, despite the recent seizure of Abyei by troops of the Khartoum-backed Sudan Armed Forces (SAF). Speaking in public for the first time since northern forces rolled into the disputed, oil-rich region with armoured cars and tanks last weekend, Kiir insisted the south would not strike back.

Press freedom deeper in limbo after newspaper seizure in Southern Sudan PDF Print

jubapostPublished: April 14 2011

Country: South Sudan.

MDI is partnering the Juba Post in delivering an insert of the South Sudan People’s Voice to a wide range of people in South Sudan, mostly in rural areas but also in Juba.

Writen for by Boboya Simon Wudu

When security officials seized up to 2,500 copies of the Juba Post’s March 31 edition, the reason given by authorities was an article reporting that the renegade militia leader Gen. George Athor was planning to attack Juba before Southern Sudan’s independence in July. Whether this intention is carried out or not, a very real concern is the restriction of media freedom.

South Sudan starts talking, thanks to Radio Miraya PDF Print

manwithsouthsudanflagPublished: 6 April 2011

"Many of our journalists are former child soldiers and even those who managed to avoid such a fate have pasts which have been marked by war," says Zoran Culafic, news editor of Miraya

Miraya is a 24 hour, 7 day a week radio operated by the United Nations Mission in Sudan in partnership with Fondation Hirondelle, a Swiss non-governmental organization. Launched on June 30, 2006, Miraya has grown to an organization of more than 100 national staff members (journalists, presenters, technicians and support staff) who have been recruited from all over Sudan and trained in-house. 

Women’s Day in South Sudan PDF Print

SouthSudanwomenEvent Date: 8 March 2011

Country: South Sudan

For by Richan Ochi

The feminist group, 'No to Oppressing Women Initiative', held a press conference on Tuesday 8 March 2011, at the National Umma Party House, on the occasion of the International Women's Day (IDW).

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