The Global Forum for Media Development PDF Print

Keywords: International, english,Media diversity, journalism, good practices, information, tools, education, policy.

“Bringing coherence, community and advocacy to the worldwide movement of media assistance providers, independent radio and television broadcasters, print media journalists, media activists, media law advocates, and  government and private donors supporting independent, local media and professional journalism.

Institute for War & Peace PDF Print

Keywords: International, english, Peace, understanding, conflict, conflict resolution, open media.

The Institute seeks to build peace and democracy through free and fair media. It values integrity, human rights and local empowerment, and through such ideals the Institute establishes sustainable networks and institutions, develops skills and professionalism, provides reliable reporting and builds dialogue and debate throughout the world.

Media Accountability in South-East Europe PDF Print

Keywords: Europe, English, UNESCO, media, legislation, journalism, ethics

The new website provides a comprehensive insight into self-regulation and its main elements, and presents media legislation and regulation at the European level, with special focus on the European Commission, the Council of Europe, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

Fondation Hirondelle: Media for Peace and Human Dignity PDF Print

Keywords: International, french,english,italian,deutch,germanAlternative media, media diversity, conflict zones, conflict resolution, war, human rights.

The Hirondelle Foundation is an organization of journalists which sets up and operates media services in crisis areas. It is the only organization in the world which has such specialized experience in this field. The Hirondelle Foundation collaborates in the development of tolerant and democratic societies and contributes to creating a responsible, civic-minded exchange of opinions within the public. The Foundation is particularly interested in justice, one of the preconditions for reconciliation in divided societies.

The Media Law Assistance Website PDF Print

Keywords: All regions, English, media restriction laws, media rights violations

The essential idea is that information is a tool against deprivation. Individuals and organizations everywhere, but particularly in societies where restrictions on the media are high,

Media Accountability: Codes of Conduct PDF Print

Keywords: International, english, Media ethics and diversity, code of conduct, free press, open press, journalism.

This website is dedicated to media ethics. Practical ethics. It contains the largest collection of press codes of conduct in the world. And the site is dedicated to media accountability systems (M*A*S), first among which are press councils. Its basic principle is that news media, in order to serve the public well, must be free, free from distorting pressure exerted by political or economic forces. To obtain, keep, increase their freedom, media need to be trusted and protected by the general public. To gain that support, media need to inform readers/ listeners/ viewers properly – but also to listen and render accounts to them.

Media Policy PDF Print

Keywords: All regions, English, broadcasting  regulation, broadcasting violation, broadcasting rights

This website is dedicated to monitoring and debating issues of broadcasting policy, regulation and independence in Europe and beyond.

Media Policy: television, change and standards PDF Print

Keywords: International, Europe, english,Journalism, media diversity, education, human rights, ethics, other web resources.

This website is dedicated to monitoring and debating issues of broadcasting policy, regulation and independence in Europe and beyond. It is intended as a resource for media professionals, academics and all others interested in broadcasting policy, an area constantly expanding with the development of new technologies and the ever-closer convergence of platforms, providers and owners.

Media Wise: for better journalism PDF Print

Keywords: International, Europe, UK, english, Freepress, journalism, media diversity, education, public opinion.

“MediaWise (formerly PressWise), is an independent charity, set up in 1993 by 'victims of media abuse', supported by concerned journalists, media lawyers and politicians in the UK. We operate on the principle that press freedom is a responsibility exercised by journalists on behalf of the public, and that the public have a right to know when the media publish inaccurate information.

FAIR: Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting – Challenging Media Bias & Censorship Since 1986 PDF Print

Keywords: North America, USA, [EN], Journalism, free press, open press, criticism, media bias, censorship.

“We work to invigorate the First Amendment by advocating for greater diversity in the press and by scrutinizing media practices that marginalize public interest, minority and dissenting viewpoints. As an anti-censorship organization, we expose neglected news stories and defend working journalists when they are muzzled.


RNA: for Religion | Newswriters PDF Print

Keywords: North America, USA, English , Religion, journalism

RELIGION | NEWSWRITERS is a charitable, literary and educational organization whose purpose is to promote excellence in media coverage and in public discourse about religion. RNA envisions religion reporting and commentary informed by civility, accuracy, fairness and insight.

Society of Editors – fighting for media freedom PDF Print

Keywords: Europe, UK, English, Independent media, freedom of speech, free press, open press, liberal, editors, editing

The Society of Editors works to protect the freedom of the media that is part of the universal right to freedom of expression and champions the importance of a vital news media to a democratic society. A unique safeguard for press and broadcasting freedom, the society’s work is motivated by a desire to promote the public’s right to know and a commitment to high editorial standards and integrity.  It strives to preserve editorial independence.

Native Networks PDF Print

Keywords: North America, USA, Pacific, Hawaii, English, Indigenous people, film and video, radio, communications, diversity, media diversity, other web resources.

Online information about film, video, and radio produced by indigenous peoples of the Americas and Hawaii, to provide a representation of current work in the field of Native American media including film, video, radio, television and new media.

Latin American coordinator of film and communications of indigenous people. PDF Print

Keywords: South America,Spanish, Human rights, indigenous people, media, ethical media, media diversity

This Latin American organization promotes the voices of indigenous people in the media, to improve their organization and changes in lifestyles for the better. It denounces the corporate monopoly over the media, and cries for indigenous and non-indigenous alike, to have their say in political as well as social life, to respect human rights, to respect women and children, and to respect the identity of each peoples and their right to govern themselves. A powerful movement with a strong raison d’etre.

South Planet.Net PDF Print

Keywords: International, English, French, Portuguese, Art, portal, cultural diversity, media diversity, the cultural diversity portal entirely devoted to artists and cultural operators of the South! The South's contemporary artistic expressions are cruelly lacking in visibility. Far from being "yet another site", aims to valorize these arts via a vast database that offers highly specialized search possibilities and a multitude of links to other sites.

Chiapas Media Project PDF Print

Keywords: South America, North America, USA, Mexico, [EN] [ES], Media diversity, indigenous, communication technology, documentary.

For many people who live in the developed world use of video cameras, VCR's, TV's, and computers is a daily occurrence. But when one speaks with indigenous peoples about access to this technology they say it is only a dream. For centuries outsiders have represented indigenous people and their cultures.

Instituto Midia Etnica (Brazil) PDF Print

Keywords: South America, Brazil, Brazilian, ethnicity, ethnic media, media diversity, diversity, journalism, education

"Instituto Midia Etnica" (Ethnic Media Institute) which is a civil society organization based in Brazil (Bahia) that carries out projects to ensure the rights of historically excluded populations,through the use of communication. We fight for citizen participation in media, especially the African-Brazilian community, through advocacy campaigns, workshops, consultations with government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and research of human rights in the media.

APTE: Les Ecrans, les Medias et Nous (The Screens, the Media and Us) PDF Print

Keywords: Europe, France, French, Media, education, diversity, media education

APTE is the French national association of education to the daily media. It’s objective is to sustain and guide the emergence of an education which takes into account the mass media, by favoring the development of a critical, constructive and objective perspective on the images and sounds that we are exposed to.

Club Averroes: Observatoire de la Diversite dans les medias (Observation of diversity in the media) PDF Print

Keywords: Europe, France, French, Media diversity

French organization studying diversity in the media.

El Observatorio de Medios FUCATEL PDF Print

Keywords: South America, Chile, Spanish, media diversity, democracy, society, media in society, media in democracy.

Independent Chilean ‘Study centre’ which ‘reflects about social change and the public impact the media has in modern, democratic societies. It seeks to create a meeting space to engender public debate about the role of the media in society.

Common Ground News Service PDF Print

Keywords: International, Middle East, English, French, Arabic, Indonesian, Indian, Journalism, news, muslim, peace, conflict resolution

The Common Ground News Service (CGNews) is an NGO that seeks to promote mutual understanding and offer hope, opportunities for dialogue and constructive suggestions that facilitate peaceful resolution of conflict.

Internews Europe: Information Access for Everyone PDF Print

Keywords: Europe, English,French, Slavic , Media diversity, NGO, Helping the Poor, other web resources.

Internews Europe works to harness the power of media and information to help people hold their governments accountable, develop tolerant and prosperous communities, and to make sense of the driving forces affecting their lives.

The International Federation of Journalists PDF Print

Keywords: International, English,French, Spanish, Journalism, News, Human Rights, Discrimination, Tolerance, media ethics and diversity, freedom of expression.

“The International Federation of Journalists is the world's largest organisation of journalists. First established in 1926, it was relaunched in 1946 and again, in its present form, in 1952. Today the Federation represents around 600.000 members in more than 100 countries.

Radio Exchanges and Production PDF Print

Keywords: France, Europe, France, Radio, Discrimination, Help and Support, Immigration, community/minority media.

EPRA is a NGO with ties to France’s government and private actors in radio communications, who’s goal is to establish a bank of radio programs which favor immigrant integration and the battle against discrimination.

Institut Panos Paris PDF Print

Keywords: France, Europe,  English, French, Media ethics and diversity, discrimination, resources.

The Panos Institute is a NGO who specializes in pluralistic media. It is founded on the conviction that diversity in the media is a central aspect to democracy, peace and citizenship.

Media & MultiCulturalita (MMC2000) PDF Print

Keywords: Europe, Italy, english,French,Spanish,Italian,Human Rights, Sustainable Development, Discrimination, Racism.

COSPE is a non-governmental non-profit association promoting intercultural dialogue, fair, sustainable development and human rights. It operates in the field of international development co-operation and solidarity. COSPE believes that all persons regardless of sex, religion or culture should have equal basic rights, equal opportunities and fair access to economic resources in order to improve living conditions.

Altmuslimah: Exploring both sides of the gender divide. PDF Print

Keywords: Europe, Africa, Middle East, English, Religion, Islam, Muslim community, news, journalism, gender equality, MAO-International

The editors at, a sister site to, have embarked on an ambitious project: providing a space for compelling comment on gender in Islam. "Gender in Islam" has multiple dimensions and evokes a wide multitude of emotions: fear, confusion, defiance, love.

AltMuslim: Global perspectives on Muslim life, politics & culture. PDF Print

Keywords: Europe, Africa, Middle East, [EN], News, journalism, middle east, arab world, free-thinking, religion and belief., a website that combats stereotypes in the portrayal of Islam in the mainstream media. The website was founded by Shahed Amanullah, award winning journalist and the founder of Halalfire Media, an Islamic-themed network of websites that attracts some 6 million visitors per year.

Stinky Journalism PDF Print

Keywords: North America, Europe, English, Journalism, science methodology, education, free-thinking, debunking, other web resources.

At we advocate for more rigorous - and scientific - journalistic methodology. Methods are objective, not people. From brief reports to continuing investigations, we hold the media accountable by examining concrete, measurable errors of fact and ethical breaches encountered in the press.

Media for Development PDF Print

Keywords: International, English, Media diversity, local community, cultural, ethical, voluntary work projects and initiatives

MFD believes that the media can be used as an effective and powerful tool for reaching, engaging, and empowering communities isolated by geography, poverty, conflict, or illiteracy.