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From Doubt to Dialogue: MDI launches “Media & Security in Tunisia” Study PDF Print

Date: 14 March 2015

Country: Tunisia

Tunisia_Rafik_ChelliIn the beginning there was doubt. Now there is a dialogue’. This statement by the Media Diversity Institute (MDI) Executive Director epitomises the work done in less than a year with more than 130 people - journalists, editors, security officials and security experts. They were interviewed to assess media practices in Tunisia related to reporting on security issues, conflict, and extremism.

The results were presented in the "Media & Security in Tunisia" Study which was launched at the conference held on 14 March in the Tunisian capital.

Algerian Media to Sign the Diversity Charter PDF Print

Date: 7 March 2015

Country: Algeria

Algeria_Roundtable_March_2015If you were born to unknown parents or you are a single mother, if you are immigrant or disabled or a member of an ethnic minority, there are big chances that media would not know how to report on the issues concerning you. Or they would not report on them at all. One  of the ways to improve media situation and to achieve a better representation of marginalised groups and cultural minorities is to sign the Diversity Charter. The Charter was created by the Media Diversity Institute (MDI) as a guidance on ethical principles for reporting on marginalised communities.

The Diversity Charter, as well as inclusiveness of the Algerian media, were  the discussed at the MDI roundtable held in Algiers on 7 March.

From Crisis to Corruption in the Balkans: MDI at Columbia University PDF Print

Date: 11 March 2015

Region: Western Balkans

Columbia_UniversityThe Media Diversity Institute (MDI) Head of Operations and Development in the US Marija Sajkas will chair a panel at Columbia University symposium dedicated to the state of the media in the Western Balkans. With the key address to be delivered by Dunja Mijatovic, the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, the debate will focus on whether telling the facts and naming the names still grounds for intimidation and censorship of journalists and reporters even with much of the region on the cusp of European integration.

“It seems that the general tendency of the region towards EU integration and the ongoing institutional changes did not pursue much of the democratisation of the press. On the contrary, there has been much talk recently involving the discussion about the censorship and the auto-censorship in the Balkans,” says Marija Sajkas.

The forthcoming symposium “State of the Media in South Eastern Europe: From Crisis to Corruption” will take place at Columbia University on March 11, 2015.

Dune-Voices Extends to Libya: Safety and Ethics Most Needed PDF Print

Dates: 14 - 21 February 2015

Country: Libya, Tunis

Tunis_Conference«They came for us, probably to kill us. My sister and I had to escape our home through the back door, and seek protection in exile », she said, breathing loudly. She has heart problems and often suffers from short breath.  As many others in Libya, journalists are targeted in Libya on purely ethnic grounds. « At check points, if they find out you’re a journalist, they ask you from which part of which city you’re from”, says Youssef from Misrata. « And if you come from an area they don’t like, God help you”.

As Dune-Voices platform extends to Libya, the safety of journalists there is even more crucial than ever. At a conference held in Tunis on 21 February 2015, the Media Diversity Institute proposed to 60 Libyan journalists, lawyers, civil activists, elected officials to discuss the issue of the protection of journalists in conflict zones such as Libya.

Meet the Libyan Journalists PDF Print

Dates: 14 - 22 February

Country: Libya

Libyan_Press_2MDI is hosting a group of sixteen Libyan Journalists at the multi-media workshop in Tunis. The group will be trained in Inclusive Journalism concept enabling them to join the MDI’s DUNE Voices, first online agency of its kind in North Africa.

Libyan journalist came from Benghazi, Misrate, Zouara, Derna, Oubari, Koufra. They  are  available for  interviews and briefings on the current situation in their country. They will be staying in Tunis until 22 February 2015.

For any media requests, please contact the MDI Programme Director on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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