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MDI hosts debate on Media & Security in Tunisia PDF Print

Published: 24 September 2014

Country: Tunisia

Screen_Shot_2014-10-06_at_08.12.03Top security spokespersons from the UK, USA and Tunisia shared 24 September their experience with the leading Tunisian media actors and media regulators in a one-day roundtable debate which attracted substantial media coverage.

How to report on security issues, conflict and extremism was the topic of the second in a series of MDI’s broader multi-stakeholder debates that are part of the project ‘Responsible and Free Reporting on Security Issues in Tunisia’. The event was organised in partnership with the National Union of Journalists of Tunisia, whose president Néji Bghouri welcomed the guests by calling for the introduction of a code of ethics to guide reporters in covering such issues. ‘We are very proud that the Revolution brought us Freedom of Expression. But, with the freedom comes responsibility’, said Bghouri. ‘For the time being we ask journalists to at least be cautious when approaching covering security issues; which terminology, which sources to use, how to check them. But, a more systematic approach is needed’.

MDI US Head of Operations: Reporting during Campaigns PDF Print

Published: 16 September 2014

Country:  US, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Marija_Sajkas_BiHSome of the common narratives used to describe women in the U.S. media, especially if they are holding some of the high ranked positions, are “sensible” and “more capable to make compromise”. When talking about the U.S. media and the presidential elections, one of the examples are Hillary Clinton who is presently supported and attacked in the U.S. media not so much for her political positions, but for the set of common biases.

“Her supporters are reminding us that it is a high time to elect the first women president, but are pundits opposing her presidential nomination because she is ‘cold’ and ‘too emotional’, as well as for her sex and the age”, said Marija Sajkas, Head of Development and Operations of MDI U.S. office at the Media Academy 2014 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She was one of the expert speakers examining fair and balanced media reporting.

MDI Sahara Project Vacancies PDF Print

Applications Deadline: 31 October 2014

Location: Algeria, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco

Languages: Fluent in Arabic and French; spoken and written English is an asset

Sahara_UN_PhotoThe Media Diversity Institute (MDI) is seeking a Regional Chief Editor to be in charge of all editorial, production, dissemination and journalistic aspects of the project Inclusive Voices for Conflict Prevention and Democracy Building in North Africa: bringing the voices of the Sahara into the public sphere.

See the full job description here.

MDI is looking for five Country Editors to be based in each of the countries listed above. They will be in charge of all editorial and journalistic aspects of the project Inclusive Voices for Conflict Prevention and Democracy Building in North Africa: bringing the voices of the Sahara into the public sphere, within their given country, coordinating with UK, regional and local project staff and partner organisations, in accordance with project plans and budget.

MDI on London Live TV Asking for More Ethnic Diversity in the Media PDF Print

Published: 19 August 2014

Country: UK


A day after BSkyB pledged that by the end of next year, at least 20% of the stars and writers of its UK-originated TV shows will come from a black, Asian or other minority ethnic background; a Media Diversity Institute (MDI) representative appeared on London Live TV asking for a clearer strategy to implement these plans.

“We always hear that BBC, BSkyB and others are trying to have more diverse programmes, more representatives from Black, Asian and other ethnic minorities. But we at MDI wonder how they are actually going to do that? If it is so simple to employ more people with different backgrounds, then why haven’t they done it so far?” said Dasha Ilic from MDI.

Media as a Friend of Algerian CSOs PDF Print

Published: 15 August 2014

Country: Algeria

Algeria_CSOs_fourThe 16 participants on the Media Diversity Institute ‘Making your Mark’ programme are restless. They have received news that three senior journalists will be coming to meet them. Far from being worried about being interviewed by them, their discomfort is at the news that they have to ask the journalists questions.

Participant after participant echo the same sentiment: Shouldn’t they be the ones asking the questions? “What do I ask them?” say two trainee doctors in unison. Dealing with cultural differences and expectations such as this was a common theme during the final media and advocacy training for NGOs in Algiers.

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