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High Heels or Military Boots PDF Print

Date: 16 March 2013

Country: Egypt

enas_newInas Kamal Al-Deen Ramadan, a journalist at “Roz al Yousef” magazine recently awarded by the Media Diversity Institute (MDI), was interviewed by the national TV in Egypt.

Appearing on the prime-time TV programe "On the name of Egypt", Inas discussed her award winning article about the willingness of some Egyptian girls to be enrolled at military academies in fields of infantry, air force and special forces just like men, and not only in the medical services and the media. Her article “Let high heels go to hell, long live the military boots” was published in “Roz al Yousef” magazine in December 2013 and won MDI award for the ‘Best Article on Women in Society’.

Professionalism in Egyptian Media - When and How? PDF Print

Date: 12 March 2014

Country: Egypt


Many media outlets and journalists in Egypt lack professionalism, as it was repeated at the Media Diversity Institute (MDI) roundtable organised in collaboration with the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies. It was not surprise that the discussion on the degree of commitment to the professional and ethical standards in Egyptian media, especially after 30th of June 2013, attracted so many participants.

“The main target of this debate is the audience and not us” stated Ayman Al Sayad, the well-known journalist and event`s moderator as he initiated the three-hour long discussion before 200 guests in Safir Hotel in Cairo.

Reporting Diversity on the Streets of Algiers PDF Print

Dates: 21 - 25 February 2014

Country: Algeria, Algiers

AlgeriaThe surly teenager in a dark backstreet near the Port of Algiers was suspicious when Sofiane Si Youcef approached him and tried to strike up a conversation. At first he refused to talk and brandished a stick to ward off the inquisitive stranger, fearing he was a police officer or a child trafficker.

Digital Tools for Spreading a Message PDF Print

Dates: 7 - 11 February 2014

Country: Tunisia, Tunis

TunisiaYoung man is talking to the camera. The only way we can tell he is young is by his clothes, hands and voice. We don’t see his face. And we don’t see it because he does not want to be seen since he is talking about one of the biggest taboos in Tunisia, Algeria and other countries in the region. AIDS.

Ahna Keda webzine promoted on Egyptian TV PDF Print

Date: 25 February 2014

Country: Egypt

UntitledOnly one year ago, fifteen Egyptian students from six universities, with the support of the Media Diversity Institute (MDI) started producing Ahna keda, webzine covering political issues and promoting inclusiveness of all citizens in the media. Ahna Keda (The Way We Are) attracted the attention of the mainstream media in Egypt such as Nile television.

Ali Hamed, who was involved in a creation of the webzine and its chief editor, was a guest on Nile television talking about its success and the importance of having all the citizens to be heard and seen by the media regardless of their political, social and cultural background.

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