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Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories Link Jews with Paris Attacks PDF Print

Published: 22 December 2015

Region: Europe

Soldiers_on_patrol_in_Jewish_quarter_in_ParisConspiracy theories linking Jews and Israel with Paris attacks and the refugee crisis have been emerging in social media, the media monitoring of the MDI project Get the Trolls Out! reveals.

Not only users on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook spread antisemitic ideas, but Get the Trolls Out team has reported on some politicians and public officials in Europe who have been recorded expressing publicly antisemitic conspiracy theories.

MDI Trainee Broke a Story on Salt Fraud PDF Print

Published: 16 december 2015

Country: Egypt

Hanaa_EgyptHanaa Abu El-Ezz is 28-year old journalist from Egypt who broke a story on salt fraud and its bad impact on people’s health. Hanaa, who was a trainee of the Media Diversity Institute (MDI), proved that salt distributed in villages around Alexandria contains impurities, dust and heavy metals. It has been distributed to people who were not aware of the risk.

Hanaa wrote this story as a result of a joint NGO-Media cooperation project organised by MDI.  Not only that her story got a great publicity, but Hanaa has won an award of excellence in health issue from Alexandria's Press Syndicate.

“I was surprised that my superiors admired my report about salt fraud to the extent that they dedicated two thirds of the page for it. Many people commented on online version of my article while my friends and family asked me how I could differentiate the hygienic salt from the bad one. No one knew about this matter at all. Even my mother had bought different types of salts to make me choose the safe one,” says Hanaa.

MDI at the first SEE Media and Disability Conference PDF Print

Dates: 4-5 December 2015

Region: South-East Europe

Screen_Shot_2015-12-13_at_09.26.32‘However the media in the region portray our community, media are not first to blame, but the state, the educators and religious leaders. The media is the reflection of doings or non-doings by these three,’ said Dragisa Sikimic, Chief Editor of, an online magazine in Bosnia and Herzegovina describing how most of the media in the Western Balkans report on people with disabilities.

At the first regional conference on the topic, held in Belgrade on 4 - 5 December, MDI Western Balkans Executive Director Ivana Jelaca focused on good practices by the media and CSOs across the world.

Don’t Sensationalise Antisemitism – MDI Writes to the Evening Standard PDF Print

Country: UK

Published: 24 November 2015

Evening_Standard_MDI_ComplainThe Evening Standard, free press newspaper distributed in the London area, in two occasions has been quick in labelling as antisemitic an act of vandalism that appears not to be such and has used inaccurate information about the vandalised statue.

The MDI executive director has written to the managing editor of the Evening Standard to ask the paper to keep reporting antisemitic attacks, but not to use sensationalistic headlines and inaccurate information that would mislead its readers.

The Evening Standard has not replied yet to our complaint.


Moroccan Media and Civil Society Leaders on MDI Tour to Switzerland PDF Print

Dates:  1 – 7 November 2015

Country: Switzerland

Swiss_Tour_RTSThe concept of federalism preserving local characteristics and celebrating every kind of diversity works well in Switzerland. As Dr Nicolas Scmitt from Institute de Federalisme said, “Switzerland is a paradigm of diversity with 26 cantons and 4 official languages.” Therefore 17 leaders of Moroccan media and civil society, partners of the Media Diversity Institute (MDI), wanted to know how multiregional, multilingual and multicultural nature of the Swiss society and media can be compared if not adapted to North-African circumstances.

Moroccan leading media and civil society representatives coming from the national radio SNRT, Atlantic radio, Al Maghribia TV channel, 2M and Medi1, as well as from regulatory body HACA, national news agency MAP and organisations such as Damir, Karama and official governmental body for Human Rights, visited Switzerland on 1 – 7 November 2015. They talked to the representatives of the Swiss public radio and TV, private and regional media, Parliament, Institute for Federalism and leading journalism schools and universities. Supported by the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation, MDI organised an exchange of ideas and experience between its Moroccan partners and their Swiss hosts.

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