Global Security Seminar for Journalists PDF Print

Region: Worldwide

Published: 13 June 2014

REUTERSThomson Reuters Foundation organises a three-day seminar for journalists who are interested in or cover security issues around the world.

The 2014 Global Security Seminar aims to improve the quality of reporting on security and terrorism exploring the challenges of responsible coverage on these issues and comparing approaches with journalists from a range of different countries. This major seminar will bring together leading security experts, authoritative commentators and journalists for a series of lively presentations and debates.

MDI Debate on Media Freedom in the New Egyptian Constitution PDF Print

Date: 27 October 2013

Country: Egypt

egypt roundtable oct 2013Many Egyptians count down the days to vote in a public referendum for the new constitution that is being drafted behind closed doors. Specially, the wording and outcome of the articles in the constitution related to media have generated so much expectation and heated discussions.

The Media Diversity Institute gathered the prominent figures in Egypt in order to discuss freedom of the media in the new constitution. Influential media and political figures attended the debate, such as Amr El-Shobaky, one of the 50 members of the committee in charge of reviewing the drafted Constitution.

Origins – Festival of First Nations PDF Print

Published: 22 October 2013

Country: UK, London

origins festival 2Some of the world's foremost indigenous musicians, dancers and choreographers, theatre-makers, visual artists, film-makers and cooks are coming to London to “perform and inform, to exhibit and explain, to debate and celebrate”. It is time to celebrate our ancient cultures. It is time for Origins – Festival of First Nations from 23rd of October until 3rd of November.

“We need to remember that we need bridges and reconciliation with indigenous people who were colonized. And the colonization came from here”, said Michael Walling, founder of Border Crossings and the art director of Origins Festival. Talking to the Media Diversity Institute (MDI), he stressed how important is to remember that there is a different way of looking at the world and that we need to embrace and celebrate ancient cultures.

Anna Lindh Foundation Calls for Arab Journalists Exchange PDF Print

Deadline: 30 November

Region: Arab region

egypt media microphonesThe Anna Lindh Foundation is launching the new project Reporters Across Borders that seeks the participation of young journalists from the Arab region who wish to take part in an exchange aiming at promoting intercultural reporting in the Euromed Region.

It is an opportunity for Arab Journalists to move across other Arab and Euromed countries in order to cover intercultural stories and learn from other journalistic practices in the region for one or two weeks with the expenses covered by the organisation.

Call for Editors to Share their Views on Freedom of Expression & Hate Speech PDF Print

Dates: 24 - 26 October 2013

Deadline to apply: 29 September 2013

Country: Italy

microo-photoThe Media Diversity Institute is inviting senior print, online and broadcast editors from across Europe to meet in Cagliari, Sardinia, between 24-26 October 2013, to share their approaches, opinions and experience in relation to the challenge of balancing freedom of expression with the rise of extremist movements in Europe and how media coverage it.

Is Hip Hop Portrayal of Migrants Accurate? PDF Print

Date: 17 September 2013

Country: UK, London

hip hopHave you ever thought, while watching the video of that hit song that you like, that migrants were unfairly depicted? Or maybe, on the contrary, you thought that their portrayal helped you better understand their culture of origins.

On Tuesday 17 September, a public meeting will discuss the representation of migrants on British hip hop videos and its effect on their rights.

Eugenia Markova, Senior Research Fellow at the Working Lives Research Institute at London Metropolitan University, and Patrick Turner, lecturer on the Education, Culture and Society programme at Goldsmith University, will show samples of videos they have been researching.

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