Mediterranean Forum on Intercultural Dialogue PDF Print

Date: 5- 7 April 2013

Region: France, Marseille

annaforumYouth leaders, civil society organisations, policy-makers and intercultural experts will gather together at the Anna Lindh Foundation Forum in Marseille. They will discuss on intercultural dialogue, which is seen as the key for the Euro-Mediterranean region to deal with challenges following Arab Awakening and the social impact of the economic crisis in Europe.

Under the slogan of “Citizens for the Mediterranean”, participants from all around the world will meet from 4th to 7th April to talk about diversity, media and women among other issues.

‘Ethical Reporting across Cultures’ is one of the organised agoras that will address the role of the media as a tool to contribute to intercultural dialogue. The media help to create the public space for the freedom of expression, debate and plurality of perspectives essential for citizens in a democratic society. It is an essential ingredient to renew Euro-Mediterranean dialogue and make this dialogue more capable of addressing events comprehensively by helping peoples, states and institutions relate to one another on a basis of mutual understanding.

Festival of Migrant Film is Calling for Entries PDF Print

Deadline: 31 March 2013

Region: Worlwide

migrant festivalTo celebrate the World Refugee Day (20th June), Slovene Philanthropy and Zavod Voluntariat are organising the fourth edition of the Festival of Migrant Film.

The festival, which is now accepting entries from filmmakers worldwide, will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from the 10th to the 21st of June 2013.

Feature films and documentaries will focus on topics related to migrations, asylum, refugees, integration of immigrants and coexistence in multicultural societies. Videos will also offer a critical analysis of migration-related topics and highlight the cultural heritage of migrants.

Reporting on Ethnicity and Religion - Ethical Dilemmas PDF Print

Date: 28 February 2013

Region: Hungary, Budapest

budapest cij and mdi event 2“The news media in Hungary regularly depicts disadvantaged groups in a stereotyped and prejudiced context, although the number of flagrant cases is rather low” - said lawyer Bea Bodrogi of CivilMedia, a monitoring and legal defence NGO at the roundtable discussion co-organized by the Center for Independent Journalism, the Goethe Institute Budapest and the Hungarian Editors’ Forum.

She added that her organization filed four complaints related to prejudiced and stereotyped portrayal of the Roma community to the Media Council, but all of them were rejected on various grounds.

More than 50 media professionals, NGO activists, legal experts and researchers attended the discussions in Budapest on the ethical dilemmas of journalists and editors face when reporting on ethnicity and religion.

The event was a part of the project ’Civil Society & the Media Working Together to Fight Ethnic and Religious Discrimination in the EU’, implemented by the Media Diversity Institute (MDI) with partners, including the Center for Independent Journalism, Budapest. The project is co-funded by the Open Society Foundations.

MDI Executive Director’s Lecture at City University PDF Print

Published: 22 February 2013

Country: UK, London

milica at cityThe Executive Director of the Media Diversity Institute (MDI), Milica Pesic, addressed the students at City University in London. Last week she gave a lecture to the MA International Journalism students from around 25 countries talking on the subject ‘Why diversity matters’.

Stressing the essentials of MDI work such as freedom of expression and access to the information for all citizens regardless of their political, social and cultural background, Pesic explained the principles of inclusive journalism.

Why ‘putting the facts together’ is not enough? ‘Where we get the facts from, who we interview and how we put the facts and the visuals together is what qualifies us to call ourselves responsible journalists”, said MDI’s Executive Director to the City University students.

Media Facing Tensions and Transitions in the Mediterranean PDF Print

Date: 28 February and 1 March 2013

Country: Spain, Barcelona

anna lindhThe Anna Lindh Foundation will hold a meeting on ‘Media Facing Tensions and Transitions in the Mediterranean’. It will focus on the challenges Media and journalists are facing as a consequence of the new social and cultural landscape which is emerging in the region.

The meeting will take place in Barcelona on the 28th of February and the 1st of March 2013.

It is co-organised with the ALF Head of the Spanish Network IEMed and the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean.

70 renowned journalists, media professionals and civil society representatives will gather to discuss the role of Media in reporting about the ongoing democratic transitions in the Arab countries and the economic and social crisis affecting the European societies.

One of the panels during this meeting will debate the possibility of reporting across cultures and how to involve more of a diversity element in everyday media coverage.

More than 100 Journalists for Telling Diversity PDF Print

Date: 21-24 November 2012

Country: France, Bordeaux

female_athleteDid you know that a female athlete has 4 more chances to be covered by a female journalist and less than 5% of sport news is produced by female journalists?

Did you know that ethnic minorities represent less than 5% of the main actors in the news? But immigrants alone represent around 10% of the EU population.

This data speaks for itself and shows clearly how some groups of the European population are still excluded from media expression. That is why Council of Europe is organising the MARS European Media Encounter - Media, Diversity & Racism in Sport at IJBA in Bordeaux (France) on 21 – 24 November.

This Encounter will offer the opportunity to more than 100 European journalists to work in pairs in order to produce media reports in which non-discrimination and diversity will have to be considered as angles of media coverage. Through this approach applied to sport media coverage and through this very concrete and practical 4-day session of production, this encounter wants to encourage innovative ways of producing truly inclusive media contents.

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