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The Romedia Foundation: New Approaches for the Empowerment of Minority Voices PDF Print

romediaPublished: 6 December 2011

Region: EU & Worldwide

The Romedia Foundation is a Roma non-governmental organization based in Budapest, Hungary, working to contribute to a positive perception of Romani ethnic identity, combat anti-Romani prejudice and provide alternative information to policy makers on Roma through the production of films and  videos, international multi-media campaigns and  public events. 

Arab West Report Provides Insight In Arab-West Relationship PDF Print

arabwestreportPublished: 4  November 2011

Region: Middle East & Worldwide

Arab West Report (AWR) aims at providing objective and independent documentation, reporting, interpretation, analysis and commentary of social and religious issues concerning the Arab world and the West.

Life on MARS -- a Way of Combating Discrimination in Sport through Media Work Exchange PDF Print

marsDeadline: October 2011 – November 2012

Region: Europe

The programme Media Against Racism in Sports (MARS) is offering media people including journalism students and trainers, journalists, and media managers an opportunity to participate in a work exchange activity that will combat discrimination in media.

Community Channel Seeking Inspiring News Video and Reports PDF Print

communitychannelPublished: 12 October 2011

Country: UK

Media Trust the charity that operates Community Channel is about to launch a new television programme UK360. It will document and showcase inspiring community journalism stories and news content from across the UK.

How do journalism schools encourage diversity? PDF Print

kidsgenercipic1Published: 8 July 2011

Region: France, America & Worldwide

Good journalism needs diversity. It adds perspective and enriches publications, bringing different narratives and reflecting today's multicultural societies. The root of this issue lies in journalism schools. How are schools today working to enrich their student and faculty population?

Consolidating Knowledge & Assessing Media Practices across the EU PDF Print

medivapic1Published: 8 July 2011

Region: EU

The MEDIVA project seeks to strengthen the capacity of the media to reflect the increasing diversity of European societies and thus foster a better understanding of immigrant integration processes at a time when social cohesion and integration policies are put to the test by an acute economic crisis.

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