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The burden of collective identities PDF Print

Posted: May 20, 2010

Location: Jerusalem

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, like every conflict between ethnic or national groups, is rooted in national and religious narratives. Cases in point are Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka, Bosnia, Kosovo and more. Each side in the conflict uses a variety of justifications—historical, religious and moral, in order to dictate their terms and place themselves in a superior position vis- à-vis the other. Each party’s justifications stem from a one-dimensional perception of the conflict as a zero-sum struggle between two collective groups. Thus in the Jewish narrative, the land under dispute is the Biblical Promised Land, now cast as the Greater Land of Israel including the West Bank and a united Jerusalem, whereas in the Palestinian narrative the land under dispute, or most of it, belongs to the Palestinian people who lived and thrived on it in freedom and dignity up until 1948.

Hate speech case by a Channel Nine Australia cameraman to the detriment of a Muslim man PDF Print

Published: April 20, 2010

Country: Australia

On April the 12th, at the exit of the Melbourne Magistrates' Court, Simon Fuller, Channel Nine cameraman, would harass and insult the father of an Australian Muslim riot suspect, by calling him: "f---ing terrorist". 

Consequently to this episode, Simon Fuller has been sacked by the TV Channel.

Here you can watch the full video broadcasted by ABC:

Blogs go beyond traditional media to bridge divides PDF Print

Posted: April 15, 2010 

Region: Worldwide

The way mainstream media has covered major events of the past two decades leaves much to be desired. After the 9/11 attacks, rigid, insular debates and discussions too often replaced free and open discourse, creating an environment ripe for the rise of blogs.

Azeri TV reporters work on freedom of expression issues PDF Print

Dates: May 6-15, 2010

Country: Azerbaijan

A cross section of TV reporters from throughout Azerbaijan will gather for a Team Reporting Project in Baku from May 6-15, 2010. The team of eight journalists will work together to produce a programme for TV in Azerbaijan. The reporters will work under the leadership of a UK-based trainer and a local Azeri TV producer. Participants will learn to better understand the key international standards related to defamation, hate speech, and other Freedom of Expression issues and through the training will translate this understanding into an informative, professional and accessible piece for television.

Arab-Israeli Team Wins UN’s First Cross-Cultural Reporting Award PDF Print

Posted: April 15, 2010

Region: worldwide

Ruth Eglash of The Jerusalem Post and Hani Hazaimeh of The Jordan Times won top honors in the first X-Cultural Reporting Competition organized by the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ). Their columns on the dismal state of relations between Israel and Jordan 15 years after normalization received a great deal of coverage and generated a lively debate.

Online video of the Symposium 'Media,Diversity and Cosmopolitanism in Europe' PDF Print

The video of the annual Symposium 'Media,Diversity and Cosmopolitanism in Europe' is now on Goldsmith University webpage. Please, follow the link:

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