Western Europe
Forum Online Magazine PDF Print


Keywords: Eastern Europe, Poland, English, Polish, Religion and belief, conflict, religious/poltical conflicts, religious/political doctrines/documents, Religion news, Islam, Christianism, Judaism

News relating Jews, Christians and Muslims.



Nomad Productions PDF Print


Keywords: International, English, Production, Communications, conflict resolution, development, radio

Nomad is a London based production company with a global outlook. We specialise in creating television and radio (video/audio) programmes for education, sustainable development and peace-building.

Respect: Le mag qui secoue les ghettos PDF Print


Keywords: International, Europe, France, French, news, journalism, cultural diversity, media diversity, multiculturalism

Respect is a French online magazine/news and information source. It’s main objective is to represent diversity and multiculturalism, by supporting and promoting all forms of diverse cultural happenings, from sport, art, society, music, politics and religion. For a mosaic of news, visit Restpectmag.fr

Med’in Marseille PDF Print


Keywords: Europe, France, Maghreb, French, international, news, journalism, media diversity, multiculturalism

“Made in Marseille” is an online newspaper that aims to represent Marseille’s diversity and cultural beauty, through the eyes of diversity. It covers international news, and news not usually found in the mass media. Decoding, analysing, creating links, pushing for the knowledge and to acknowledge the other, these are what animates Med’in Marseille’s team.

Mediapart PDF Print


Keywords: Europe, France, French, News, Free press, liberty, journalism

Mediapart is a French online newspaper, independent and inclusive. It was created by four journalistst, Francois Bonnet, Gerard Desportes, Laurent Mauduit and Edwy Plenel. “Elevate this country by elevating it’s language” said Albert Camus when dreaming of a free press. Mediapart seeks to do just this.

MTNL – Multiculturele televisie Nederland / Multicultural Television The Netherlands PDF Print


Keywords: Western Europe, The Netherlands, Dutch, multiculturalism.


[DU] MTNL staat voor journalistieke televisie vanuit een intercultureel perspectief, dat zijn wortels vindt in het Nieuwe Nederland.

[EN] MTNL stands for journalistic television from a intercultural perspective that finds its roots in the New Netherlands.

Radio Salaam Shalom PDF Print


Keywords: Western Europe, United Kingdom, religion and belief, radio.

Our online intercultural initiative launched in 2006 as the United Kingdom's first combined Muslim-jewish broadcast project. Members of both communities come together to celebrate, debate and share events, issues and faiths that shape their daily lives - and record it. Not only does Radio Salaam Shalom offer a rare intercultural mix of Jewish and Muslim music, we also produce regular podcasts - all available via our website.



Keywords: International, Italian, homosexuals’ rights, minorities’ rights, freedom of information, independent information, migrants’ rights

Radio Popolare was born in the ‘70s to fight for and independent and free information for everybody. Radio Popolare is managed by a cooperative of workers who shares their duties as their benefits. Starting from 2001 the broadband signal can be listened from all over the world, by the satellite. Main subjects are: migrants’ rights, homosexuals’ rights, minorities’ rights, freedom of information, independent information.

Altérités: Le web-magazine divers et ouvert PDF Print


Keywords: Europe, France, French, Journalism, online magazine, media diversity, openness

A French online magazine that promotes openness and diversity to achieve a complete perspective. The magazine is supported by FASILD, a public establishment who’s mission is to help the integration of minorities in France and to combat racial discrimination