South Eastern Europe
Bosnian Institute PDF Print

Keywords: Eastern Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina, English, education, history, culture, economic, political, democracy, pluralism

The Bosnian Institute is a key organization internationally in providing education and information on the history and culture of Bosnia-Herzegovina, with a special concern for the past and present development of its social, economic, governmental, legal and cultural conditions, organizations and institutions. Through its programmes it actively encourages and supports the growth of a pluralist democratic society in Bosnia-Herzegovina and its neighbours.


Balkan Human Rights PDF Print

Keywords: South East Europe, eastern Europe, Middle East, Greece, English, Greek, human rights, conflict, other web resources

Human rights issues in the Balkan states, NGOS with a diversity component.


Radio Romania International PDF Print

Keywords: South Eastern Europe, English, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Arabic, all resources, all themes, radio/online media format, media organisation.

Radio Romania International is one of the first free radio born after the fall of the Communist government. Loads of contents about the Romania country and its media history.

FoNet news agency PDF Print

Keywords: Europe, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, on-line, news agency, independent.

Private, independent news agency, founded in what was then a state called Serbia and Montenegro. Belgrade based news agency provides “professional and impartial” information about current affairs.

BH Dani – BH Days. Bosnian news weekly PDF Print

Keywords: Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, print, weekly, ethnicity, independent.

Bosnian weekly, based in Sarajevo. Promotes critical and libertarian thinking, irrespective of national background in a country recently thorn by inter-ethnical conflicts.

Alternativna televizija Banja Luka – Alternative Television Banja Luka PDF Print

Keywords: Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, visual, news, ethnicity, independent.

Commercial TV station broadcasting on the level of the state of Bosnia and Hercegovina, which is divided by its political constitution into three entities.  Although based in Rupublic of Srpska, which is a Serbian constitutive element of the state of Bosnia and Hercegovina, it operates to provide independent and accurate information, just as quality entertainment, irrespective of its national background in an ethnically very divided country.