L’organisation Marocaine PDF Print

Keywords: Africa, Morocco, Arabic, Maghreb, Human rights, gender equality

A Moroccan organization which seeks to promote human rights and gender equality across the continent. Website in Arabic.

Association Democratique des Femmes du Maroc PDF Print

Keywords: Africa, Morocco, French, English, Arabic, Maghreb, gender equality, human rights, discrimination, education 

The ADFM, as an institution, supports the ideal of equality. We conceive equality in its universal definition, which signifies that men and women enjoy equal rights and the way to achieve them, in dignity and in the framework of a democratic society. They seek to protect and promote women’s human rights as universally recognized. It’s principle objective is the promotion of women’s rights and strategic interests.

Union de l’action Feminine PDF Print

Keywords: Africa, Morocco, French, Arabic, Maghreb, women, gender equality, discrimination, education, alphabetisation

The Union of Feminine Action is a Moroccan NGO that seeks to promote the situation of the woman at the social and juridical level, and to eradicate all form of discrimination towards women. They provide assistance to women victims to violence, campaign for reform and provide workshops and training conferences for women alphabetisation.