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Women’s World Cup: A Step Forward in Sports Journalism PDF Print

2 July 2019

Country: Global

by: Eline Jeanné

Screen_Shot_2019-07-02_at_4.02.05_PMDepending on where you live, you have likely seen a lot of hype around the women’s World Cup this year. News outlets have been covering the tournament, shops have been selling memorabilia and pubs having been showing and promoting the games. As an avid football fan myself, particularly of the Dutch women’s team, this has made me very happy. Only a few years ago, women’s football was not getting close to this amount of attention, and sports journalists have played a massive role in giving the women’s World Cup the attention it deserves.

US-based Fox News has reported record numbers for the quarter final game between the USA and France, which attracted 6.3 million viewers. The French opening match against South Korea was the most-watched women’s football game in the country, attracting 10.6 million viewers. In Brazil, the country’s game against France was viewed by over 35 million Brazilians, the largest ever domestic audience to watch a women’s football game. This large increase in viewership has snowballed into more media coverage around the games, both online and offline: sports journalists are taking note, and upping their coverage.

Queer Asia Film Festival – A Rare Celebration of Asian Queerness in the Heart of London PDF Print

Date: 17 - 22 July 2019

Country: UK

by: Mikhail Yakovlev

Screen_Shot_2019-07-01_at_11.50.51_AMThe British Museum and Kings College London (KCL) are hosting the third annual Queer Asia Film Festival at locations across London later this month.

A festival that platforms films that explore several different representations of what it means to be Queer and what it means to be Asian, Queer Asia is a rare, and exciting win for both diversity and intersectionality on screen.

This is important for many reasons. For the longest time, LGBTQ+ characters and love stories have been completely absent from screens around the world. While recently the tide has been changing (2018 was a historic year for LGBTQ+ representation on US prime time television, with queer people of color even outnumbering their white counterparts), our cultural conversation on representation, intersectionality, and the importance of showing a range of different LGBTQ+ stories on screen still has a long way to go.



Geoblocking: What Is It, and How Effective Is It In Practice? PDF Print

29 June 2019

Country: Global

by: Eline Jeanné

Screen_Shot_2019-06-29_at_11.20.29_PMRecently there has been more talk about ‘geoblocking’ on social media platforms, and the implications of it. But what exactly is it? You might have heard of the term geoblocking in reference to online video streaming services. It’s the reason why you can’t watch BBC iPlayer content outside of the UK, and why you can watch Gavin & Stacey on Netflix in the UK, but not in the US. Website administrators use your computer IP address to determine which country you are in, and which content you can access. For streaming sites, this is a way to manage licensing rights limitations.

Social media sites such as Twitter and YouTube also use geoblocking methods to block certain content in specific countries. Twitter refers to geoblocked content as ‘country withheld content’. They state that content may be withheld if “we [Twitter] receive a valid and properly scoped request from an authorized entity,” detailing that “such withholdings will be limited to the specific jurisdiction that has issued the valid legal demand or where the content has been found to violate local law(s).”

Event: Digital Detoxification: Challenging Hateful Content in the Online Public Sphere PDF Print

Date: 11 June 2019

Country: Hungary

Screen_Shot_2019-06-22_at_10.08.51_AMEarlier this month, the Centre for Independent Journalism and the National Association for Hungarian journalists hosted Media Diversity Institute’s “Get The Trolls Out” project for a panel discussion titled, “Digital Detoxification: Challenging Hateful Content in the Online Public Sphere.”

MDI Executive Director Milica Pesic introduced the panel with a keynote address, discussing how the way that sensitive issues, like religion, are discussed in the media both on and offline can lead to severe—and often irreversible repercussions.

“When I first heard the term digital detoxification, I thought of how we are all trying to rid ourselves of our gadets,” she said. “But that is not exactly what we are trying to do. We want the space that we are all using to be used in a more civilized and democratic way, with more respect.”

How to Be Inclusive and Grammatically Correct: A Guide for Journalists on the Gender Beat PDF Print

16 June 2019

Country: Global

by: Mikhail Yakovlev

Screen_Shot_2019-06-16_at_11.06.42_AMLast week, I came across a Buzzfeed listicle explaining why you should stop referring to women as ‘females’. Published all the way back in 2014, it gives six simple reasons for this:

  1. ‘Female’ refers to a sex of any species, while ‘woman’ refers to human females;
  2. Reducing women to their reproductive abilities is dehumanising and excludes women who cannot reproduce, trans and gender non-conforming people;
  3. It is not widely acceptable to refer to men as ‘males’;
  4. ‘Female’ is often used in a pejorative sense – to insult or belittle;
  5. ‘Female’ is an adjective. “When you use "female" as a noun, the subject that you're referring to is erased”;
  6. The word you are looking for when you say ‘female’ exists. It’s ‘woman’.

Today, 2014 seems like distant history. A lot has changed since then. Obama had been replaced by an orange. Chinese and Chechen authorities are concentrating ‘undesirable’ citizens in camps on an industrial scale. The Brexit referendum actually happened. Japan resumed commercial whaling, even though the climate emergency shows no signs of going away. Тhe list goes on and on.

Muslim and LGBTQ? A Diversity Battle Plays Out In Birmingham PDF Print

14 June 2019

Country: UK

27659597325_04960791bd_bOver the past six months, a diversity battle has been playing out in Birmingham.

Earlier this year, Birmingham teacher Andrew Moffat started a diversity and tolerance program in his grade school classroom, using a dog who doesn’t feel like he fits in, two penguins who are raising a chick together, and a boy who likes to dress up like a mermaid to illustrate that it doesn’t matter who someone loves or how someone identifies—it’s important to accept them no matter what. However, as simple as this lesson may seem, it ignited an uproar

Many of the more conservative members of the Muslim-majority city are upset that their children are being taught about same sex relationships in school, and have been writing to the school administrators, and staging protests. One of the schools has stopped lessons altogether, in order to keep the peace.

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