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Have Russian Media Forgotten Anna Politkovskaya’s Legacy? PDF Print

5 November 2019

Country: Russia

By: Mikhail Yakovlev

AnnaP_MDILast month, journalists around the world marked the tragic anniversary of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya’s death, thirteen years ago. On 6 October 2006, Anna Politkovskaya, who served as Novaya Gazeta’s Special Correspondent on the War in Chechnya, was shot four times in the lift of her condo in Moscow. Many around the world believe her murder “killed free media in Russia,” and remember her as a fearless investigative journalist. But is her legacy remembered by Russian media today?

Politkovskaya’s main ‘crime’ was questioning Russia’s state-sanctioned narrative about the War. Her reports revealed human rights abuses perpetrated by the Russian Army against Chechen civilians and pervasive corruption inside the puppet administration of Chechnya’s Russian-backed Prime Minister Ramzan Kadyrov.

On Politkovskaya’s death anniversary this year, her former employer Novaya Gazeta published a photo of blank sheet of paper on their website. The caption read,

“13 Years Ago Novaya Gazeta Correspondent Anna Politkovskaya Was Killed. This Is What the Prosecutors Have Done to Find the People Who Commissioned Her Murder.”

Eight More Subtly Racist Things Than Rod Liddle’s Article In The Spectator That Have Happened This Week PDF Print

1 November 2019

Country: UK

By: Jeremy Ullmann

According to Rod Liddle, advocating to keep entire religious groups from voting is “light hearted banter,” that should be taken with a grain of salt. If that is the case, here are a few more examples of 'light hearted banter'.

Not to be outdone by the madness of modern politics, Rod Liddle has today swept in to pen one of the most obviously racist articles published by a mainstream publication in recent times.

In case you missed it, he suggested finding ways to forbid Muslims to vote in an effort to gain Conservative seats in the upcoming election:

Who Here Has Been Raped And Speaks English? Reporting Sexual Violence With More “Duty of Care” and Less Sensationalism PDF Print

22 October 2019

Country: Global

By: Anna Lekas Miller

RapedSpeaksEnglishAfter a long career of working as a foreign correspondent covering war zones, Edward Behr published his memoirs with the disturbing title, Anyone Here Been Raped and Speaks English?

Unfortunately, Behr’s title is far too familiar for most foreign correspondents. We have all watched our colleagues rush into conflict zones, eager to get stories that show the face of war without accounting for whether or not this actually serves victims of war themselves. Surely there is a better way to do this kind of journalism—a way that actually gets stories into the world, asks for justice, and makes it worth a survivors time to share their story in the first place.

How Does Serbian Media Cover Awards? PDF Print

22 October 2019

Country: Serbia

By: Ivana Jelaca

thumbnail_Screen_Shot_YIHRThis year the Council of Europe’s “Vaclav Havel” award for human rights has been awarded to Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR). The Youth Initiative for Human Rights is a network of organisations working in Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia and Croatia on human rights, reconciliation process and facing the past.

However, like many other awards that have honored controversial initiatives, this news recieved no attention of the mainstram media in Serbia.

“This is the first time Vaclav Havel award was given to this region which is a strong message to the peacebuilding process in the Balkans”, says Ivan Djuric from YIHR Serbia who received an award on behalf of the network.

Challenging the Sexist Serbian Media PDF Print

22 October 2019

Country: Serbia

By: Ivana Jovanovic

novinarkaIf someone is familiar with Serbian media, it is likely no surprise that women are most likely to be represented tending to their households, or in articles relating to lifestyle and family. Women are rarely quoted about politics—and even journalists reporting stories about violence against women are more likely to quote men, than women.

According to Media Diversity Institute’s Gender and the Media Expert Dr. Snezana Milivojevic, women are the subjects of less than 25 percent of all Serbian media—which is somewhere around the European average. This number falls when it comes to experts who are quoted—unless, of course, the topic is celebrities.

While the number rises slightly when it comes to political experts, Dr. Milivojevic explains that this is because the political party benefits from having women as visible members of the party, rather than the woman’s expertise being valued in and of itself.


Berlin: New Neighbours Media Training for CSOs PDF Print

Dates: 10-12 October 2019

Location: Berlin, Germany

Screen_Shot_2019-10-21_at_9.29.32_PMMedia Diversity Institute (MDI) recently completed the fourth New Neighbors media training for CSOs in Berlin, Germany.

New Neighbours is a European Broadcasters Union-led project designed to bring positive stories of refugees, migrants and assimilation to local and community media. Media Diversity Institute is supporting the project by training civil society actors to create campaigns and more effectively communicate with journalists and media organizations to spread constructive stories about migrants and refugees.

Given Germany’s unique position as home to the highest number of refugees in the European Union, Berlin was the perfect location for such a training. Eight participants representing legal, cultural and economic development initiatives joined, each contributing their unique expertise working closely with migrants and refugees.

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