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Hollywood, No Woman’s Land PDF Print

Published: 10 December 2013

Country: USA

hungergames2The box office is the only place within the film industry in the United States that shows gender equality with 50/50 male/female audience who buys tickets to go to the movies. This balance is missing in the rest of the industry where the majority of directors, producers, writers and cast are men.

These are some of the results of a study called ‘Gender Inequality in Film’ by the New York Film Academy. Its main conclusion is that Hollywood remains stuck in its gender bias.

MDI Joined the Global Alliance on Media and Gender PDF Print

Published: 9 December 2013

Region: Worldwide

global_alliance_bangkokThe Global Alliance on Media and Gender (GAMG) was formally launched on 4th of December 2013 in Bangkok at the close of the UNESCO Global Forum on Media and Gender. The Media Diversity Institute (MDI) as a partner of UNESCO Global Forum was amongst the first to join the Alliance and to subscribe to its core principles.

"We are committed to gender equality and women's empowerment across generations to fully participate and enabling women's access to expression and decision-making by promoting a gender-inclusive media and communication environment that reaches gender equality in media organizations," says GAMG declaring its mission.

How Safe Are Women Journalists ? PDF Print

Published: 9 December 2013

Region: Worldwide


Almost two-thirds of women journalists have been intimidated, threatened or abused in relation to their work by their male bosses, supervisors or co-workers, according to global research published by International News Safety Institute (INSI) and the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF).

Interestingly enough these incidents have occurred not in a dangerous war zone but in women’s work place.

The Powerful Girls of Technology and Media PDF Print

Published: 4 December 2013

Region: Latin America

chicas_poderosas“Let’s go girls!” says Marianna Santos, the founder of “Chicas Poderosas” (“Powerful Women”), urging women in media to learn how to use technology in order make their news stories more appealing and interactive.

“Chicas Poderosas” is a movement travelling around Latin America, which aims to empower women by providing them training in technology fields, related to media, such as animated or simple data visualisation, data mining and visual storytelling.

Cancer Survivor’s Breast Sparks Controversy PDF Print

Published: 3 December 2013

Country: USA

NYT_breast_cancer_photo_smallThe New York Times editors did not expect such a reaction when they chose a photo of a breast cancer survivor to illustrate an article on Israel’s high rate of genetic mutations. There had been some concerns prior sending it to print. However, the picture editor thought that a 28-year-old Israeli woman, showing her lumpectomy scars and a Star of David tattoo, would well accompany the story on the front page.

The image, far from being distressing, sparked debate as it shows a part of the young woman’s left nipple while hiding her face. The photo is neither vulgar nor offensive. On the contrary, it is artistic and beautiful – but not everyone liked the editorial choice.

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