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LGBT as Social Anomaly for Most of Serbian Press PDF Print

Published: 21 August 2013

Country: Serbia

by Ana Šolović*

serbian flag rainbowIt was not that long ago, that features about lesbian partnerships with children from previous heterosexual marriages were unconceivable in the Serbian press. Today, empathy-evoking stories on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) persons which place them in the context of everyday life, written in a non-sensationalist manner and crucial for their inclusion in society, are slowly finding their way into the pages of national newspapers. However, such texts represent exceptions, because the prevailing coverage continues to be far from inclusive and ethical.

The media image of LGBT persons is still full of negative stereotypes and prejudices which result in the denial of their human rights. LGBT persons continue to be presented as a social anomaly, placed in the same category as shocking news, scandals or entertainment and depicted as non-patriots and persons with lifestyles that are foreign and opposite of the traditional Serbian orthodox culture.

Egyptians in Need of More Responsible Media PDF Print

Published: 14 August 2013

Country: Egypt

egypt third studyMedia coverage of the current situation in Egypt where security forces, “cleared the protest camps occupied by supporters of deposed president Mohammed Morsi”, shows a divide and a lack of responsible and inclusive reporting.

According to media experts and independent journalists from Egypt, interviewed by the Media Diversity Institute (MDI) team, right now Egyptian journalists need to make an effort towards more inclusive and balanced reporting so that all voices from all sides can be heard. They believe that the public needs to hear more calls for calming of the situation. ‘If there is anything we need now it is a  journalism which would bridge the gap between the supporters of former president Morsi and those who are in favour of the military’s actions’, says Doaa Kassem from MDI’s Cairo office.

“Illegal Immigrants” still Present in some British Newspapers PDF Print

Published: 14 August 2013

Country: UK

immigrants uk pressThe Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford has found that the most common word used by British newspapers to describe immigration and migrants was ‘illegal’. The authors of a study Migration in the News analysed more than 40 million words used by broadsheet, mid-market and tabloid newspapers over in the past three years.

Researchers concluded that mid-market newspapers, such as the Daily Mail and Daily Express, were more likely to use the term ‘illegal’ than tabloids or broadsheets, reports the Guardian. They used the word “illegal” in 10% of their published stories about migration.

MDI Working to Give a Voice to Marginalised Groups in Algeria PDF Print

Published: 8 August 2013

Country: Algeria

algeria un photoThe Media Diversity Institute (MDI), in cooperation with local partners, has started a new project in Algeria. The purpose of the project, “Inclusive Media for an Inclusive Society”, is to increase the presence of youth and other marginalised voices in the Algerian media and to enable more diverse and inclusive debate on the country’s future.

The young people of Algeria, who make up more than half of the electorate, were one of the main targets in last year’s elections.“I’m addressing the young people who must take over the baton because my generation has had its time. The country is in your hands.  Take care of it.”, said the Algerian president Abdelaziz Bouteflika back in 2012.

But half of young Algerian people were disappointed with the results of election and the way candidates addressed relevant issues in society. As some regional news portals reported, young Algerians who did not take part in voting “wanted to improve things, but found that the old practices still prevailed”.

Twitter - Platform for Abuse against Women? PDF Print

Published: 8 August 2013

Region: Worldwide

twitter5Sexist and abusive comments, as well as violent and rape threats directed against women have increased recently on Twitter. The company has responded introducing an in-Tweet report button. From next month the Twitter users will be able to report an abusive behaviour and comments on this social network.

In the meantime, three men were arrested in the connection with the abuse and rape and bomb threats against a female campaigner, MP and a journalist who were the main targets of abuse.

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