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Daily Mail Blames Migrants for Ruined Holidays PDF Print

Published: 29 May 2015

Region: Europe, Worldwide

by Dasha Ilic

KosBritish tabloid Daily Mail has hit a new low by publishing articles from the Greek island Kos, lacking any professional and ethical reporting and also targeting one of the most vulnerable groups – migrants. The tabloid focuses on UK tourists ‘whose holidays are ruined’ because of the migrants coming mostly from Syria and Afghanistan and their presence on the Greek island. In short, the Daily Mail direct the accusations for ‘ruined holidays’ towards migrants describing them as ‘penniless’ and blaming them for ‘sleeping out on the streets’ and for ‘sitting around the restaurants and watching tourists eat’.

CIMA and MDI on Freedom of Expression in a Multicultural World PDF Print

Date: 9 June 2015

Country: US

CIMA_EventThe Center for International Media Assistance (CIMA) and the Media Diversity Institute (MDI) organise a panel discussion on Strengthening Freedom of Expression in a Multicultural World. Discussion will be held on 9 June in Washington with Milica Pesic (MDI), Gary Young (Guardian US), dr Verica Rupar (AUT University), Courtney Radsch (Committee to Protect Journalists) and Rob Leavitt (MDI US Trustee). Moderator is Razia Iqbal, BBC News.


New UK Government to Vet Broadcast Media for Extremist Content PDF Print

Published: 27 May 2015

Country: UK

TV_Test_cardBritish government made it clear in what direction wants to take the country by proposing a set of legislation including the counter-terrorism bill targeting electronic media. Ofcom as the UK regulatory body would be given new powers to take actions against channels which broadcast extremist content, although it is unclear whether they will be able to intervene before or after transmission.

The Guardian wrote in its editorial that “pre-programme vetting is such a terrible idea that it is hard to know where to begin”. Mike Jempson of MediaWise told MDI that one of his concerns is matter of definition. “Who is to determine what is regarded as extremism?”

EaP Media Conference on Russian Propaganda in Riga PDF Print

Published: 24 May 2015

Region: Eastern Europe

Riga_Media_ConferenceThe First Eastern Partnership (EaP) Media Conference took place in Riga on May the 20th, as a side event of the 4th Eastern Partnership summit which gathered  leaders of six Eastern European countries and the EU.  More than 300 representatives of the media community, experts, academia, civil society and policymakers from the EaP and the EU discussed challenges media in the 6 countries experience, in particularly since the beginning of Russian-Ukrainian conflict and ever growing Russian propaganda.

At the Conference, organised by the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the EU, three different studies were presented. Each of them is related to Russian media interpretation of the conflict. As one of the outcomes, the conference provided recommendations regarding consistent and coordinated support from the EU to freedom of expression in the Eap partner countries.

Hugh Muir: Diversity Includes a Social Deprivation PDF Print

Published: 22 May 2015

Country: UK

Journalism_Students“We need more diversity in our media. We need more minorities, women, and journalists with disabilities in our newsrooms.” Diversity advocates, including the Guardian’s columnist Hugh Muir, keep repeating and explaining why the UK media need more diverse content that get produced in not so diverse newsrooms. But in this week’s article Muir suggested that “along with women, people from minorities and those with disabilities, we also need to hear from those who have suffered social deprivation.”

“We lack not just people who fit the diversity critieria of race and sex and gender, but also those whose difference is rooted in circumstance, deprivation and class. The good thing is that the diversity fund sees that deficiency and gives everyone a chance, but there is only so much this initiative and others like it can do about a deep-rooted problem. This matters. Until we open things up, much of the news you read will continue to be much of a muchness,” wrote Muir for the Guardian.

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