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How to Report on Mental Illnesses PDF Print

Date: 31 July 2014

Region: Worldwide

mental_healthWhy is depression not discussed in the same manner that cancer is? Does anyone in the media ever talk about the flu in the same way as a pain in the arm? So, why the journalists treat bipolar disorder and schizophrenia as the same thing? Reporting on mental health as a single category is one of the problems of the media coverage. Linking mental disease and violence is also a common mistake.

In order to improve the media’s communication on mental health issues, The Canadian Journalism Forum on Violence and Trauma, in association with CBC News, has published a guide for journalists in order to help them receive more reliable and less biased information on mental illness.

Freedom of Expression in Myanmar (Burma): From A to Z PDF Print

Published: 31 July 2014

Country: Myanmar (Burma)

Free_Myanmar_Burma_Protest_-_Portland_-_ORUnder Myanmar’s five decades of military rule, the country’s media environment was one of the most restrictive in the world. The situation has started to change under the democratic reform that the country underwent after 2011.

Recently, new laws have been drafted aiming to promote democratisation and freedom of expression. However the country has a long road to walk as, according to 2014 Press Freedom Index, Myanmar was ranked 144th out of 180 countries.

Roma’s life in media: facts and images PDF Print

Published: 30 July 2014

Country: UK

Capture1Crimes, unauthorised campsites, children not in school and people who live away from society: these are some of the stereotypes about the Roma community that were found in the media by Article 12 in Scotland. The public’s perception of this minority is built on these stories, whose tone is often negative and full of prejudices.

As a part of its Young Gypsy Travellers’ Lives project, Article 12 in Scotland has recently published its annual analysis on the discrimination of the Gypsy/Traveller community in Scottish media.

First Tuareg TV Channel Launched PDF Print

Published: 30 July 2014

Region: North Africa & Europe

TuaregsThe first Tuareg TV channel was launched in Paris in late July, aiming to "correct the prevailing image" of Tuaregs, nomadic population of the Saharan regions in North Africa.

"The channel hopes to become an open window and a platform capable of providing correct information about the Tuareg community, as well as everything relating to their past as much as to their present and future." stated the channel’s director Akla Chaka, Tuareg journalist and former documentary producer.

Thomson Foundation Young Journalist FPA Award PDF Print

Deadline: 29 August 2014

Region: Worldwide

Thomson_Foundation_Young_JournalistThe Thomas Foundation is funding a prize which recognises young journalists, who work in the developing world, for the 2014 UK Foreign Press Association Awards. Applicants must be aged 30 and under, from a developing country.

They must submit a portfolio of three pieces of work, which must have been published or broadcast on or after 29 August 2013. The work can be in any format – print, audio, video, multimedia or a combination of all four.

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