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News & Events
MDI Debate on Media Freedom in the New Egyptian Constitution PDF Print

Date: 27 October 2013

Country: Egypt

egypt roundtable oct 2013Many Egyptians count down the days to vote in a public referendum for the new constitution that is being drafted behind closed doors. Specially, the wording and outcome of the articles in the constitution related to media have generated so much expectation and heated discussions.

The Media Diversity Institute gathered the prominent figures in Egypt in order to discuss freedom of the media in the new constitution. Influential media and political figures attended the debate, such as Amr El-Shobaky, one of the 50 members of the committee in charge of reviewing the drafted Constitution.

Top Media Roles, a Glass Ceiling for Women Journalists PDF Print

Published: 31 October 2013

Region: Worldwide

women journalism2There is so much that has improved for women equality at work in the media sector if we look backwards. For example, a woman journalist does not have to resign just because she gets married as it happened for many decades in the last century under the Official Marriage Bar. However, there is still a huge gender disparity in the media as Suzanne Franks, Professor of Journalism at City University London, writes on Women and Journalism.

The facts and figures speak for themselves. The Daily Star is the only national daily newspaper in the UK edited by a woman, Dawn Neesom, in 2013. Women are still noticeably in the minority in the top journalistic roles, despite making up the majority of journalism students.

Brussels Sends Wakeup Call for Fair Portrayal of Migration PDF Print

Published: 31 October

Region: Europe

migrants in the mediaThe death of more than 340 would-be migrants, escaping war and poverty, off the coast of the Southern Italian island of Lampedusa has awaken Europeans’ moral responsibility on the urgency of making an end to these tragedies.

That particular shipwreck was the umpteenth accident of that kind, but the high number of deaths put the issue in the headlines and on the desks of European and Italian legislators.

Roma Have Your Say PDF Print

Published: 29 October

Country: UK and Europe

Greek Roma girl

The ancient fear of kids kidnapped by Roma people is taking flight across Europe, with an alarming media’s connivance in spreading old stereotypes.

This comes after a week when three Roma families – one in Greece and two in Ireland – have had their children taken away with accusations of child abduction. Allegations were merely based on the contrast between the children's fair hair and pale skin with parents' dark complexion.

MDI Participates in Anna Lindh Media Debate PDF Print

Published: 29 October 2013

Region: Euro-Mediterranean

Anna Lindh Debate 1The Anna Lindh Foundation organised a media roundtable “How Foreign Media conveys the Arab News", as a part of the seventh edition of the Mediterranean Journalist Award. It gathered journalists and scholars from the Euro-Mediterranean countries in London.

The Media Diversity Institute (MDI) was one of the participants that contributed to the debate.

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