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MDI Programme Manager Vacancy PDF Print

Deadline: 8 August 2014

Location: EU or one of the Project countries

Salary: Dependent on Skills and Experience

Berber_Camel_Driver_MoroccoThe Media Diversity Institute (MDI) is looking for an experienced and professional Programme Manager to run its Regional Programme which covers Morocco, Algeria, Mali, Libya and Mauritania. The Programme Manager is expected to oversee and implement all elements of MDI’s programme ‘‘Inclusive Voices for Conflict Prevention and Democracy Building in North Africa: bringing the voices of the Sahara into the public sphere”. The main goal of the programme is to set up and run an online news/feature agency with citizen journalists based in the Saharan region.

The successful candidate must have an in-depth understanding and commitment to inclusion and human rights, as well as excellent contacts in both the media and civil society in the programme countries.

Media Advocacy Campaigns for the Algerian CSOs PDF Print

Published: 15 July 2014

Country: Algeria

Algeria_CSO_May_2014A good media advocacy campaign goes beyond outreach work and hosting events. It is about raising awareness and being passionate about an issue you really want to see changed.

This became clear on the first day of the Media Diversity Institute (MDI) workshop held for 17 participants from different NGOs across Algeria. Tackling diverse issues from HIV/AIDS and disability to human rights and drug misuse, the participants are all active in their fields but had not run a ‘traditional’ or online campaign. Therefore, the MDI workshop held 23-27 June 2014 was a good opportunity for CSOs members to practise their media and advocacy skills and to prepare for future campaigns.

Latinos Missing from US media PDF Print

Published: 11 July 2014

Country: US

latino_1While the Latino population in the United States has stunningly grown in the last 50 years, their consumer power has increased. Yet, their presence in the media remains weak and could also be said to be decreasing.

The US media has not reflected the increase of Latinos in the country, so the lack of Latino characters continues to be latent in films, series and TV shows, a new research by Columbia University, The Latino Media Gap: A Report on the State of Latinos in U.S. Media, finds.

BBC Diversity Plan Criticised PDF Print

Published: 4 July 2014

Country: UK

DIVERSITY_BBCThe BBC has recently announced new measures in order to improve the representation of the black, Asian and minority ethnic community. The BBC is ready to dedicate a £2.1m towards the diversity creative talent fund. But that is not enough, claims Lenny Henry, British comedian and a firm advocate for cultural diversity in the creative industry in the UK.

“It [BBC] has the greatest of intentions but with massive respect it is based on an old model that hasn’t worked. Increased training and increased development funds do not deliver change ... but jobs do,” Mr Henry commented. He added that, “Development [funding] is great but there are people absolutely trained and ready to rock”. Henry was criticising in his first reaction to the BBC announcement although he will be part of the independent challenge and advice group, a panel of respected experts, supporting the implementation of the new BBC measures.

Grants for Promoting Peacebuilding PDF Print

Published: 2 July 2014

Deadline: 30 September 2014

Region: Worldwide

Screen_shot_2014-07-02_at_4.29.31_PMThe Journalists and Writers Foundation (JWF) announced that the Peace Project Grant Program is open again for NGOs focusing on peacebuilding, conflict management and conflict resolution.

Peace Projects is a grant program launched by the JWF to support innovative peace-building projects focused on preventing, managing and resolving violent conflict and promoting post-conflict peacebuilding. The Program will support projects up to US$50,000 that apply a broad range of disciplines, skills and approaches.

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