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Another White Oscar Nominee... PDF Print

Published: 29 January 2015

Country: US

OscarsAnd the nominees are: White Person, White Person, White Person, White Person, and finally, White Person’. This is one of many tweets responding to the all-white Oscar nominees at the Academy Awards this year. The Awards caused outrage on various social media platforms, where civil society expressed their frustration regarding the lack of diversity in all categories by starting #OscarsSoWhite.

Quickly, social media users criticised the Oscar’s for being a “white boys club”, publishing statistics reflecting the homogeneity of both the nominees and the voters. According to Media Diversified, in the last 85 years of the Oscars, nominated producers were 98% white, writers were 98% white, actors were 88% white, actresses were 88% white and directors were 99% male. The voters are 94% white and 77% male.

Through the Sand and Road Blocks in Mali PDF Print

Dates: 17 – 23 January 2015

Country: Mali

bamako_17-23_janThree days, 1542 kilometres and dozens of road blocks: to reach their destination in Bamako, future Dune Voices reporters Mohamed, Souleymane, Abdahrahmane, and Hama had to go through a difficult journey.

As they were travelling south of the rebel-controlled town of Kidal, they saw a group of heavily armed four-wheel-drive pickups hiding under the trees. A few days later, Tuareg forces got involved in a clash with the pro-government militias and pushed the UN mission from Kidal airport. To go back home, the journalists will have to wait for the next UN flight, once the service starts again.

(S)He Who Laughs the Last, Laughs Best PDF Print

Published: 23 January 2015

Country: UK

No_More_Page_3British tabloid the Sun mislead its audience to believe that would drop its controversial Page 3 that became a symbol of objectification of women in modern press. The tabloid stopped publishing the images of topless girls for several days and even its fellow News UK paper, the Times, reported on it. Then in a cynical manner it published the ‘Corrections and Clarifications’ under the photo of a topless girl.

The fact that the editors of the Sun did not consider changing the 45-years long history of humiliation of women, but played a game with the audience and misleading it instead, shows their ignorance and out-of-date logic. Even more, it shows what they think of women. ‘Unprincipled manoeuvring by the tabloid reflects the backlash against women who demand equality,’ reports the Guardian. But the tabloid will eventually see the backlash itself. They must ‘join the 21st century,’ concludes Roy Greenslade in the Guardian.

Scholarships to Study at College of Europe PDF Print

Deadline: 31 January 2015

Region: European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) countries

WarsawThe College of Europe offers a large number of scholarships to university graduates coming from European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) countries for post-graduate studies at the College of Europe in Belgium and Poland during the academic year 2015-2016.

These scholarships cover academic expenses, accommodation, meals and travel costs. The countries concerned are: Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Morocco, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Tunisia and Ukraine.

Five Media Mistakes over Charlie Hebdo PDF Print

Published: 14 January 2015

Region: Worldwide

by Dasha Ilic

Germany_Protest_-_Charlie_HebdoThe satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has featured the prophet Muhammad on its front cover once again. The Prophet is crying, just as did the cartoonist who made the cover. The headline says "All is forgiven".

As it has been only a week since the attack and the killings in Paris, some could question the magazine’s decision to put the Prophet on its cover again. But no one can deny the right to free speech in a secular state, as no one can avoid responsibility for the spoken and written word. Therefore, there are things that the world media could do and could have done differently in the coverage of the Charlie Hebdo killings and the events that have followed.

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