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MDI US Head of Operations at Columbia University PDF Print

Published: 29 November 2014

Countries: US, Serbia, Montenegro

Milka_Tadic_and_Marija_Sajkas_in_front_of_the_Columbia_University“The fall is coming, so the good housewives would do better if they return to the kitchen” – this comment was made by a Serbian politician Branko Ruzic talking about his female political opponent. Public remarks like this one were recently discussed at Columbia University in New York City, where MDI’s Director of Development and Operations Marija Sajkas was a guest speaker together with Milka Tadic Mijovic, U.S. correspondent of Montenegrin independent weekly “Monitor”.

2+2=5? The Misleading Media Interpretation of Immigration Data PDF Print

Published: 26 November 2014

Country: UK

by Dafina Halili

ImmigrationFor some of the British media, 2+2 does not always equal 4. The differences in reading the data and statistics related to migration is a chronic problem of the UK press. In the case of the latest study on the economic impact of migration to Britain, published by CReAM, Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration at University College London (UCL), some of the tabloids and conservative press twisted the findings and turned them from positive into negative ones.

‘EU Needs to Step Up’ PDF Print

Dates: 20 – 21 November 2014

Region: Western Balkans

MAXCAP_SarajevoThe latest Gay Pride Parade held in Belgrade under heavy security and police presence is just one of the examples of minorities’ status in Western Balkans. Many would argue though, that the situation can be improved in the whole Europe. For instance, some of the problems are xenophobia and hate speech towards the immigrants in the old EU member countries, as well as the culture of segregation and discrimination against Roma in Hungary and Slovakia.

At the conference “EU Integration and Minority Protection in the Western Balkans: mapping the way ahead” held in Sarajevo within the MAXCAP project, the effectiveness of EU instruments and strategies for strengthening minority rights protection was discussed.

From Newsroom Diversity to News Diversity PDF Print

Dates: 17 – 21 November 2014

Country: Lebanon

Journalism_Students_in_Lebanon‘Why is the religion of George Clooney’s wife important to the media?’ ‘Why do the British media see all Muslims as terrorists?’ ‘Why is diversity so often a dividing instead of unifying factor?’ These were some of the questions posed by journalism students from five Lebanese universities who attended a ‘Reporting Religion’ workshop in Beirut conducted by MDI trainers.

The workshop attracted 40 students from different years and courses, as well as from different gender and religious backgrounds. Most of the discussions were around very practical issues such as what to do about hate speech used by public figures or what is the best way to source a story on sensitive religious issues.

Fear Ebola, Fear Xenophobia in the Media PDF Print

Published:  14 November 2014

Region: Worldwide

Ebola_Illustration_by_Andre_CarrilhoSince its outbreak, Ebola became a source of sensationalist headlines for many media outlets all over the world, particularly in the US. Bias and inaccuracy followed frequently the coverage of this deadly virus.  There is a lot of criticism that the coverage on Ebola is being forged with paranoia, racism and xenophobia.

International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), Federation of African Journalists (FAJ) and the West Africa Journalists Association (WAJA) called on International media to exercise balanced and proper coverage of the outbreak of Ebola virus disease in West Africa.

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