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Ferguson: Where are the Angels of the US Media? PDF Print

Published: 27 August 2014

Country: USA

ferguson_finalNo angel. This was how the New York Times described Michael Brown, the 18-year-old boy who was killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, in a feature article, posted the same day of his funeral.

The article caused reactions from several mainstream and independent media outlets as well as from bloggers and online users. These reactions stated that the description of the Times is exactly what the media should avoid when covering the Black youth community.

New Inquiry about Women in the Media PDF Print

Published: 22 August 2014

Country: UK

MINDThe House of Lords Select Committee on Communications has launched an inquiry into women in news and current affairs broadcasting and has invited any interested organisation or individual to submit written evidence to the inquiry.

The survey has been inspired by a number of recent studies indicating how underrepresented the women in the media are in terms of employment, casting and participation.

“There are a number of studies that are painting a picture of concern about how women are represented in news and current affairs broadcasting.”, the Committee's Chairman, Lord Best, said.

Hollywood Forgot Diversity PDF Print

Date: 22 August 2014

Country: US

hollywoodDo you know of any black female film directors? Have you noticed that female characters are more likely to be shown naked on screen than men? In order to show how different demographic groups in the U.S. are represented on TV screens and how film industry can shape perceptions of reality, Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism analysed the most recent popular American movies.

White Cartoon Character Saving the Wildlife in Kenya? PDF Print

Published: 20 August 2014

Country: Kenya

by Alexia Kalaitzi

ben_10_As illegal hunting has become an increasingly serious threat for the wildlife in Kenya, a drawing competition was launched challenging children, from 6 to 14 years old, to come up with an animation character who will have the power to protect elephants and rhinos.

However, the character should be an alien helping already famous cartoon character Ben 10, who was created several years ago by an American animation studio. Ben 10 has the power to change into various aliens, each with their own special abilities and skills. But some have already expressed their concerns about Ben 10, a white-boy coming from America to save the Kenyan wildlife from poaching.

MDI on London Live TV Asking for More Ethnic Diversity in the Media PDF Print

Published: 19 August 2014

Country: UK


A day after BSkyB pledged that by the end of next year, at least 20% of the stars and writers of its UK-originated TV shows will come from a black, Asian or other minority ethnic background; a Media Diversity Institute (MDI) representative appeared on London Live TV asking for a clearer strategy to implement these plans.

“We always hear that BBC, BSkyB and others are trying to have more diverse programmes, more representatives from Black, Asian and other ethnic minorities. But we at MDI wonder how they are actually going to do that? If it is so simple to employ more people with different backgrounds, then why haven’t they done it so far?” said Dasha Ilic from MDI.

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