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News & Events
MDI and Chada FM – a Partnership for Diversity PDF Print

Dates: 20 – 23 November 2013

Region: UK, London

moroccans_bbc_november_7The Media Diversity Institute organised a study tour to London for representatives of one its partners in Morocco – Chada FM. During this visit to London, the continuation of the partnership between one of the biggest commercial radio stations in Morocco and MDI was discussed.

Journalists, editors and the owner of this leading commercial radio station visited BBC Arabic, Spectrum Radio and discussed implementation of a Diversity Charter, as well as an audio diaries project as a way of giving a voice to unheard, ordinary Moroccans.

Dagestani Young Journalists in Search for Missing Voices PDF Print

Dates: 2-6 November 2013

Country: Russia, Makhachkala

dagestan_real“I got the tools to pursue my idea of a tolerant society. In foreign media Dagestan is usually linked to terrorism.  But, there is much more than that in here. Majority of people here just live normal lives. And that’s what I want to write about”.

This is how Alida Alieva summarised  her experience of the training organised by MDI and held 2-6 November in the capital of the Northern Caucasus Republic of Dagestan.

Parody of Stereotypes in Charity Appeals PDF Print

Published:1 December 2013

Country: Worldwide

saveafricaHow many times have you seen the face of an African child on fundraising adverts calling for your donations? In the video ‘Let’s save Africa’ an African child appears, however, it is nothing like you have seen before. It is a parody of classic stereotypes used on Charity Appeals.

This video is part of a campaign that the Norwegian Students and Academics International Assistance Fund, SAIH, has launched to criticise the use of stereotypes on fundraising and to promote a change in the way these campaigns are made.

‘Meet the Somalis’ through Cartoons PDF Print

Published: 21 November 2013

Region: Somalia, Europe

somalis4‘Meet the Somalis’ tells the stories of 14 different Somalis in seven European cities through vignettes. They portray tales that many people will never experience, like fleeing a warzone with your children or, worse, leaving your loved ones behind.

The stories express the real- life experiences of Somalis who are one of the largest minority groups and most diverse in Europe. They narrate their challenges, fears, hopes and positive and negative experiences.

Diversity of the Stavropol Region to be Reflected in Regional Media PDF Print

Dates: 8-13 November 2013

Country: Russia, Stavropol

stavropol_trainingCan a journalist with no experience produce two stories in two days and both of them to be good? The questions was debated among young journalists and journalism students who  joined a workshop  organised by the Media Diversity Institute (MDI) in partnership with the Russian Union of Journalists (RUJ) and the Union of Journalists of Stavropol region.

After lots of nodding and moaning, doubts and fiery  persuading,  and 2 days of theory, the group was set up to do the production ending the 5-days workshops with producing 27 stories.

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