Three Sisters – The Khachaturyan Case, a Litmus Test for Misogyny of Russian Media PDF Print

12 September 2019

Country: Russia

by: Mikhail Yakovlev

Screen_Shot_2019-09-12_at_1.02.03_PMIn Anton Chekhov’s fin-de-siècle play, three sisters “dream of a future in which ‘women will wear trousers’.” Suffocated in their provincial town, they spend countless days mourning their father’s death and dreaming of escape – “To Moscow! To Moscow! To Moscow!” Notoriously, the play ends with nothing realised…

Now, a much more sinister real-life version of the Three Sisters is playing out in Russia: three sisters are on trial for murdering their father, after he repeatedly raped and abused them.

The Khachaturyan sisters claim that their murder was in self-defence. But will the notoriously misogynist Russian media support their version of the story?

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