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This blog expresses the opinions of one of MDI's project managers, Farid Littleproud. Please note: these are Farid's personal views and do not represent the views of MDI.
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Farid Littleproud

Published: 19 June 2013

Region: Worldwide

by Lorena Martínez

Refugeeday12012 has registered the highest number of refugees and internally displaced people than at any time since 1994, according to the latest data published today by the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). They report that more than 45 million people were displayed last year.

The coming Refugee Day, 20th June, has led to an increase in the number of articles in the media covering this topic, especially due to the conflict in Syria, which has emerged as a major new factor in global displacement.

Several official studies and reports have addressed the question of how to report on refugees and migration and analysed the mistakes that journalists make when they cover this issue.

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