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Martina Taci

You might object that this is a very banal or rhetorical topic...perhaps you’re right. But, notwithstanding this, I think that, often, there’s still a lot of hypocrisy in Western Countries, about the use of this word.

According to its definition, diversity means “the state of fact of being diverse”, “difference”, “unlikeness”, “variety”, “multiformity”, etc...

Then, as the words are simply a social convention invented by human beings in order to communicate, I think it’s clear that all the words have to be contextualized, according to different cultural aspects. And it’s here where the problems come up.

In several cultures around the world, everything which involves “diversity”, so, which is “different”, has got a negative connotation. This happens because what is different is not socially conformed, so, it tries to escape from the social conventions, which is something that might be considered as not fair.

At the same time, we can say that the term “diversity” includes a big variety of aspects, opinions, points of like a big melting pot of statements, ideas, etc... Which is, ideally, one of the most amazing things which can exist...we all agree I think. But I also believe which it’s useful to give a practical connotation of the facts we are talking about. That is, the word “diversity” would be used as the most amazing term, if we all were living in the wonderland.

Sorry if I appear a bit bitter or rude...but I think that, unfortunately, there’s still a lot of hypocrisy and a lot of confusion around this concept.

I started reflecting about that few days ago, after a chat with a guy who wanted to make me reflect on the wrong attitude I had, when talking about “fighting against diversity”. According with his point of view, that was the worst idea I might have had in my life, especially regarding the concept of fighting diversity in media, since diversity is the most beautiful and enriching thing existing in this world.

How could I blame him?! Of course the fact of being all different and all unique is simply brilliant! But (and I really want to stress this point) “we” - meant as human beings - should stop about presenting ourselves as the most tolerant people ever, when we are not.

We should be aware that what is different, in many countries - either inside Europe or outside - is not tolerated and it’s not considered socially acceptable. I’m really sorry about that, but, as long as we will not assume this, it will be impossible to do something in order to relief this situation.

I was not born in UK (but in another European Country a bit more southern) and of course I can see how things are better here if compared with the country where I was born...that’s correct. But, I don’t feel myself comfortable in saying that in UK there isn’t any kind of prejudice and that diversity is accepted in every field and on every single aspect of life. Undoubtedly, I can say that in UK, the way of dealing with “diversity” is already one step forward than somewhere else, but I can’t really say that the situation is solved. So, according to that, people who are aware of this discrepancy, should be at least honest with themselves and accept the state of facts. Especially, they should accept the idea that there are MANY other countries in the world where the topic of diversity - in any field, either sexual, or religious, racial, political, etc...  - is still a big problem and it’s considered as unacceptable.

Of course this is not a “j’accuse” against someone. This is just my point of view regarding a subject which too many times is under-considered and, being treated like that, it often stirs up to useless racist behaviours, intolerance, violence, etc..

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