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Pedja Urosevic

Posted: September 21, 2010

Region: Worldwide

“I believe that every action creates an equal and opposite reaction, and that actions of hatred, intolerance and ignorance create an ever escalating cyclical pattern of more hatred, intolerance and ignorance” - Reverend Wayne Lavender, a Christian Pastor, on the recent US Qu'ran burning controversy.

The pastor, from Virginia (USA), is trying to find a way to offset the rise of islamophobia in western culture, especially in the USA, and promises to send 50 Islamic holly books to Christian churches across America.

Reverend Wayne Lavender, a United Methodist pastor, in his article written for Common Ground News Service comments that misinformation related to Islam on the internet, and “cherry picking Qur’anic verses out of context”, are being used to “widely disseminate lies and anti-Islamic propaganda.”

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Martina Taci

The EU Journalist Award ‘Together against discrimination’ has now reached its seventh edition. The award aims to honour online or print journalists in the EU who, through their work, contribute to a better public understanding of the value and benefits of diversity and the fight against discrimination in Europe.

The winner of the European competition, plus two runners-up, will receive prizes with a value of €5,000, €3,500 and €2,500 respectively. The winners of the national competitions will receive a prize with a value of €1,000.

Martina Taci

When facts like this one happen, it's hard not to be frightened by the power of the media and, especially, by the cosequences of an unfair media coverage...

On the 12th of April, outside the Royal Court of Melbourn in Australia, an Aussy-born Muslim guy, suspected of riot, was leaving the Justice Court, when two camera crews from two different stations started following the guy and his father along the street.

The father of the suspect asked the cameraman of one of the crews (Simon Fuller by Channel Nine) to stop following them... not for one, neither for two, but for 25 times!
Simon Fuller, after having justified himself saying "I'm just doing my job, mate", kept on following the two and eventually called the father “a f***ing terrorist.” 

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Martina Taci

In a country which hosts more than 10 officially recognized ethic groups on its territory and where, according to the numbers provided by the Office for National Statistics, the population, during the whole 2009, increased of about 147,000 unities due to the migratory fluxes, it is quite clear that the voice of migrant people needs to be raised, especially on election time. That’s exactly with this goal that a group of people, migrant themselves, decided to gather and set up a new association with its related newspaper, called “Migrant Voice”.

The founders of the association - as explained to us Nazek Ramadan - Migrant Voice’ speaker-person and Director - are originally from many different places but they spent in UK the most of their lives. But, even though these people wear English brands, they make use of the NHS for their health care and they grew or will grow British kids, they have their roots and, often, also their hearts somewhere else. They are the modern migrants: still first generation, which came here looking at the United Kingdom as the new America and who found their own spot in this giant melting-pot.  Migrant Voice’s goal is to bring migrants together to make them able to develop their own strategies, to strengthen their voice and to get represented inside the media and also at a policy making level. The media is the first tool necessary to educate people: that’s why Nazek pushed so much to release the first issue as soon as possible, even if no one inside the Migrant Voice staff is a professional journalist. They all are simply human beings with lots of stories to tell and, also, lots of questions to pose to our politicians. For Nazek and for the big team who contributed to the released of the first issue, the important was to make migrant people able to tell about their stories on their own, without the need of someone else reporting about their issues.

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Martina Taci

Please, take a moment to click on the link below and enjoy Ines Maria Martiau' s blog: a tribute to all the black women which are making the history of Cuba...

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Martina Taci

Follow the link below to read - only in Arabic - an impression from one of MDI's journalist trainees during her study visit to London during the last week of February 2010. 

Dalia El-Akkad is a young Egyptian journalist from El-Shorouk daily independent newspaper in Egypt. She was invited by MDI to London after writing a distinguished article about the suffering of people with leprosy and their families in Egypt. She describes in the blog her feelings under London rain and cold weather and the joy of being in new places. She also comments that whoever she saw in London, was smiling.


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Martina Taci

You might object that this is a very banal or rhetorical topic...perhaps you’re right. But, notwithstanding this, I think that, often, there’s still a lot of hypocrisy in Western Countries, about the use of this word.

According to its definition, diversity means “the state of fact of being diverse”, “difference”, “unlikeness”, “variety”, “multiformity”, etc...

Then, as the words are simply a social convention invented by human beings in order to communicate, I think it’s clear that all the words have to be contextualized, according to different cultural aspects. And it’s here where the problems come up.

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Martina Taci

Nowadays, as people have generally not enough time to delve into the news, mainstream media shouldn’t profit too much of their credibility, opting for a fair and honest way on reporting the facts.

Even though this should be dictated by people common’s not always that obvious. Saying that, I’m referring to the recent declarations which have been made by Roger Ailes - Fox News Channel president - regarding the financial aids given by Americans to the Haiti population.

For you guys who haven’t had time to read the newspaper last weekend...just to make a long story short... last week, after the first earthquake runned over the island, Fox News alerted US citizens not to make donations for Haiti as those money would be used by Obama for his own political purposes.

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