Media for Diversity in New EU Countries Print

Conference LogoRegion/countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia

Timeframe/dates: 2010

Funders: European Commission, EU Fundamental Rights Agency, the Council of Europe, and the Romanian Government.

Partners: Centre for Independent Journalism, Bucharest

This project brought together over 40 decision makers from media and civil society organizations in new EU countries at a 3 day conference in Romania, to discuss responsible media coverage of diversity and develop partnerships and action plans for further work in this area. Participants at the conference included representatives from Bulgarian National Radio, the Estonian Public Broadcasting Company, Hungarian TV, TVN and the Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper from Poland, Romanian National Public Television, and Slovak Radio, in addition to NGOs representing Roma, LGBT issues, and disabled people among others.  In total, media and non-governmental organisations from 10 new EU countries were represented at the conference, together with representatives from the UK, France, the European Commission, the EU Fundamental Rights Agency, and the Council of Europe’s Anti-Discrimination Campaign. An online network was established to support continued networking, discussion and partnerships among the participants following the conference.

For more information visit the project webspace.