“Let the Roma Youth Be Heard” Print

Region/countries: Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Kosovo* and United Kingdom.

Timeframe/dates: 2012-2013

Partner: Gruppi di solidarietà internazionale Italia (GSI Italia)

Funder: Open Society Foundation - Media Program, European Union - Life Long Learning Program

roma_youthThe project “Let the Roma Youth Be Heard” promoted the integration of young Roma people in the regions and countries which took part in the project (Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Kosovo* and the United Kingdom).

During the project, young Roma people were trained in basic journalism skills, writing editorials, and setting up and managing communication tools available on the web, in order to publish an on-line publication called “Let the Roma Youth Be Heard”.

The electronic magazine can be found at www.romagazine.eu and its content focuses on the conditions of the Roma people and it has been disseminated through several tools such as websites, social networks and the like.


In the final stage of the project, several articles and films have been produced in the partnership with Open Society Foundation (OSF). The focus of the written and recorded material at the end of "Let the Roma Youth Be Heard" has been on the Roma communities in Croatia, Czech Republic and Kosovo*.