‘Twinning Committees as Integration Promoters’ Print

Region/countries: Italy, Greece, Estonia, France, Poland and the United Kingdom

twinningTimeframe/dates: 2012-2013

Partner: Gruppi di solidarietà internazionale Italia (GSI Italia)

Funder: European Union - ‘Europe for Citizens Programme’

The overall objective of this project is to promote the active role of citizens in the creation of twinning relationships between towns and cities as a source of European integration and active citizen action.

The project will focus on the establishment of 5 committees of citizens, who will be responsible for the promotion of twinning among European settlements in order to strengthen relations and encourage active citizenship. The project involves 6 European countries: Italy, Greece, France, United Kingdom, Estonia, Poland.

European integration, active citizenship and intercultural dialogue can be achieved through twinning. It is probably the most visible form of European cooperation, with thousands of settlements proudly declaring, as one enters their area, which other communities they are twinned with.