Russia: Fighting Discrimination through Tolerant and Inclusive Reporting Print

ruj logoRegion/country: Russia

Timeframe / dates: 2013-2014

Partners: The Russian Union of Journalists (RUJ)

The purpose of this project is to contribute to a greater freedom of expression representing all viewpoints in Russian society, and to promote equality and to fight discrimination by equipping journalists with the skills to report ethically, responsibly and inclusively on ethnic and national diversity in their regions.

Xenophobia and nationalism are two important issues throughout Russia which need to be debated more inclusively and responsibly. Media reports tend to focus on sensational incidents, especially violence by migrants or ethnic minorities against ethnic Russians, which leads to the reinforcement of stereotypes and widespread preconceptions. National and ethnic tensions are particularly high in certain regions of Russia, where there is poverty, unemployment and a considerable lack of education.

Therefore, this project aims to encourage and support tolerant and inclusive media reporting in Russia.

Key Project Activities:

  • Media monitoring reports which will provide an analysis of how media in the project areas report on diversity, migration and marginalised groups.
  • Training young journalists working in four regions containing a high degree of ethnic tension in inclusive journalism and reporting on diversity.
  • Ongoing mentoring which will support the trainees and encourage them to use their new skills and produce stories reflecting an attitude of tolerance and non-discrimination.
  • Collaboration with media decision makers and seeking their commitment towards integrating an awareness of diversity, tolerance and inclusion into their outlets’ reporting.
The Media Diversity Institute (MDI) work is supported by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.