“Towards more Transparent High Education in Serbia” Print

Country: Serbia

Timeframe: July-December 2015

Funder: European Union (through Center for Democracy Foundation)

MDI_WB_New_Project_SigningThis project aims to research and analyse corruption at the University of Belgrade and to inform the public about the consequences of the phenomenon such as employment based on political parties’ membership and nepotism.

The project team will interview lecturers and professors at the University of Belgrade in order to collect the information on how they perceive corruption in the process of employment. After data are analysed and presented, MDI Western Balkans in partnership with the Youth Education Committee will organise a media campaign making the results visible for general public in Serbia. MDI wants to introduce more in-depth reporting and media literacy on systematic problems such as corruption.


Key activities include:


- Research of existing procedures regulating employment procedures at the University of Belgrade;

- Collection of information and opinion of relevant experts and lecturers;

- Production of a report on tackling the issue of employment based on political parties’ membership at the University of Belgrade;

- Informing the public and relevant actors, which will contribute to a higher participation of citizens in solving social issues and creating public pressure;

- Organising a public outreach action to promote the report;

- Organising a social media action to promote the key findings of the project.