Reporting diversity in Macedonia Print

Region/country: Macedonia

Timeframe/dates: 2001

Funder: IREX

Partners: Macedonian Institute for Media (Skopje)

Project Description

Conducted during the tense spring and summer of 2001, this project aimed to bring together journalists from different ethnic groups, and to train them in coverage of diversity-related issues. The cross-ethnic team worked together on a series of articles.

The trainer and the journalists would use as their core training material an MDI reporting diversity manual in both Albanian and Macedonian languages. (MDI already had a Macedonian version - an Albanian translation was produced under this grant). The objective of the course was to enable journalists coming from different ethnic backgrounds to understand that there is always a common ground, a basic human interest which put people together regardless of their nationality, religion or ethnicity.

Over 10 days a team of 10 journalists produced a series of articles, six of which were published in the journalists' newspapers. Considering the circumstances at that time - the tense spring and summer of 2001 - MDI considers this a significant success. (At one point the funder was discussing with us a possible cancellation of the event altogether because of the increase in inter-ethnic conflict, but together we went ahead after taking local advice).