Seeing the Roma without prejudice Print

Region/country: Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia & Montenegro

Timeframe/dates: 2004/2006

Funder: The Department for International Development (UK)

Partners: Albanian Media Institute (Tirana), Association of Independent Electronic Media ANEM (Belgrade), Beta News Agency (Belgrade), Dan Daily Newspaper (Podgorica), Durmish Aslano (Kosovo), Macedonian Institute for Media (Skopje), Media Centar (Sarajevo), Media Center (Nis), Media Plan Institute (Sarajevo), Philia (Podgorica), Vijesti Daily Newspaper (Podgorica)

Project Description

A large, two-year media diversity project that aims to help Roma communities overcome discrimination, marginalisation and the violations of their rights through a process of media education and empowerment, and increasing the amount of fair representation of Roma voices in the media. The programme targeted Roma journalists working in both specialist Roma media and in the mainstream media; non-Roma journalists and media outlets; Roma NGOs and community leaders.

The project activities included:

  • a translation into Albanian and Macedonian languages of MDI’s Roma Media Relations handbook;
  • Roma Media Communications Skills Workshops;
  • on-site broadcast Media consultant;
  • team reporting projects and news agency diversity reporting programme