Towards an Inclusive and Responsible Media in Lebanon Print

ch4 snipRegion/country: Lebanon

Timeframe/dates: 2013-2014

Funder: European Union

Partners: Maharat Foundation, Media faculty in Lebanese University, with Jinane University in Tripoli, USEK in Kaslik, AUST in Achrafieh, Beirut Arab University in Beirut, Antonine University in Baabda and LIU in Bekaa and Saida.

The objective of this project is to encourage responsible media coverage of diversity, reduce tensions and promote peace building through the reaching of an inclusive and responsible media in Lebanon. This project introduces a new model of inclusive reporting to journalism students, mainstream media, and the public.

The content of a module on inclusive media approaches will be developed and integrated in the curriculum of journalism students atLebanese universities. In addition, reports and stories will be posted on a new independent alternative media platform and disseminated through social media.

As part of the collaboration between Maharat and MDI, a Lebanese delegation, including Maharat team, academics and media representatives, will visit London for a study tour that aims at exchanging expertise regarding inclusive practices in British media institutions and universities.

Key Project Activities

  • Monitoring of news coverage in mainstream media in Lebanon, with international comparisons, best practice, and recommendations for a new model of responsible journalism that reflects diversity of viewpoints and voices in Lebanon.
  • Development and implementation of a curriculum regarding inclusive and responsible reporting on diversity to be adopted in Lebanese University.
  • Production of a ‘new model of journalism’ website.
  • Publicising and discussing ‘new model journalism’ with university media faculties and media institutions.