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Region/Country: Morocco and Mauritania

Timeframe/dates: 2015 – 2016

Funder: UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Partners: Association Epanouissement  Feminin (AEF) and ISIC Alumni (Institut Supérieur de l’Information et de la Communication) in Morocco, multiple partners in Mauritania

Morocco_WomenThe main objective of this project is to increase political participation and representation of women and other marginalised groups in the media, as well as to contribute to greater social cohesion by strengthening freedom of expression through the encouragement of greater inclusion and participation of marginalised groups such as different races, ethnic groups, women and youth in public life and the media.

This project will enable a debate on media and diversity among key stakeholders and influential decision-makers, cementing inclusive journalism in the media through training, commissioning stories and mentoring journalists through the production process, and though building civil society’s ability to carry out media advocacy campaigns.

Key Activities:

  • Publishing a report on women’s representation in the  media in Morocco during the elections in 2015;
  • Broadcasting radio debates, commissioning and publishing articles covering gender and women’s political participation issues;
  • Organising trainings and on-site consultancy for civil society organisations specialized in women issues to pursue their advocacy goals and influence media coverage using traditional and new media;
  • Production of well balanced and objective multimedia stories produced by professional journalist and/or citizen journalists trained by MDI;
  • Building up a list of experts in Mauritania, developing media campaigns;
  • Exchanging experiences between NGOs from Mauritania and Morocco and debating the role of civil society in democratic processes