Reporting Diversity: a Pilot Media Programme to Promote Inter-Community Dialogue and Social Inclusion in Morocco Print

yan2Region/country: Morocco

Timeframe/dates: 2009-2011

Funder: UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Partners: Civil Society Organisations

The purpose of this project was to encourage greater social and cultural inclusion in Morocco through improving reporting on the country’s diversity. In order to achieve this, MDI worked with local partners, journalism academics and students, media decision makers and reporters, as well as with Civil Society Organisations. The main activities included: establishing a National Programme Advisory Board to guide the project; organising conferences bringing together leading media decision makers; creating a Young Inclusive Journalists’ Network; running production-oriented courses for journalists; assisting journalism academics to develop Reporting Diversity Curricula; organising media advocacy courses for Civil Society Organisations (CSO) representing marginalised groups; and establishing an Inclusive Reporting Award.