Supporting the development of an independent, pluralistic and diverse media in Iraq Print

Region/country: Iraq

Timeframe/dates: Ongoing from 2007

Funder: UNDP

Partners: Article 19 (leading partner), AmmanNet Radio

Project Description

The envisaged programme aims to strengthen the legal and regulatory framework to protect media freedom and independence in Iraq by engaging stakeholders in a broad-based media law working group to adopt an action plan and reach consensus on two draft laws. The final goal of the project is to ensure a more diverse and gender-sensitive media and media reporting by training journalists to report on diversity and by producing a report on freedom of expression with a particular focus on issues facing women and minority groups. A 30-mins radio magazine on diversity-related issues has been produced. The project includes an intensive three-day workshop and a seven-day production segment. In the second phase, participants carried out hands-on reporting fieldwork, working in pairs under the guidance of their international and local trainers to gain practical experience in reporting on various prominent diversity issues relevant to the current Iraqi context. The produced radio magazine will be distributed widely through national, regional and international radio stations.

In collaboration with local partner organisations, the implementer will monitor incidences of violations against women's and minority groups' rights to freedom of expression. The monitoring and campaigning outputs include a series of press releases and letters to officials in response to threats or violations of freedom of expression. The ongoing monitoring will culminate in a publication of freedom of expression in Iraq in 2007.