Creating an enabling environment for a free and diverse media: Professional Skills Training for women journalists in Iraq Print

Region/country: Iraq

Timeframe/dates: 2007

Funder: UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Partners: Article 19, AmmanNet Jordan

Project Description

The purpose of the joint Article 19/ MDI project is to ensure a more diverse and gender-sensitive media in Iraq by building the professional capacity of women to access the media.

The series of activities outlined in this project targets women journalists and thus raised their journalistic expertise and ultimately benefitted the public's right to receive information through a diverse media.

The two day workshops entitled Professional skills for mid career women journalists were held in Amman. It offered a forum for discussion on key issues and challenges faced by women journalists in today's Iraq: reporting current Iraqi events, and specifically, reporting on and around religious diversity during the current conflict. The workshop paid special attention to sharing information and awareness about women's rights as well as to the empowerment of women through the media in general and through the internet in particular. MDI brought to the workshop experts on the issues mentioned above.

•Monitoring and campaigning against freedom of expression abuses in Iraq with specific focus on Iraqi women.

•Capacity building programme on freedom of expression in conflict and post-conflict situation