Enhancing Media Relations/Media Advocacy Skills of Moderate Muslim NGOs across Indonesia Print

Region/country: Indonesia

Timeframe/dates: 2007/2008

Funder: UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Partners: N/A

Project Description

The aim of this project was to enable moderate Islamic NGOs in Indonesia to speak loudly, clearly and efficiently through the media, gaining control over the way in which they are perceived through the media. Therefore, promoting moderate, balanced Islamic views which are commonly and significantly missing from the media’s agenda, this is, all too often saturated by extreme attitudes. The rationale behind the project is that it is essential to support and assist moderate Islamic non-governmental organizations in their efforts to promote the concept that Islamic values can be the basis for a non violent democratic political system, equality between sexes, and religious tolerance. The project consisted of a series of workshops organized in cooperation with local partners, On Track Media and the Alliance of Independent Journalists. They were attended by Islamic NGO participants and journalists. MDI experts trained moderate Islamic NGO representatives how to communicate with media, and journalists how to use information provided by NGOs.