RD Training for Trainers Print

Region/country: Global

Timeframe/dates: 2006/2007

Funder: The Sigrid Rausing Trust

Partners: Mediawise

Project Description

Recognizing that suitably experienced and skilled Reporting Diversity (RD) trainers are incredibly rare on the global media training market, MDI intends to train more of them on a regular, systematic basis. Development of a specialized reporting diversity trainers-training program and the resulting pool of highly trained professionals will benefit MDI but the industry as whole as well. The ‘Training of trainers – development of RD trainer cadre’ program will lay the foundation for a series of annual ‘train-the-trainers’ workshops, starting with a pilot training workshop, co-organized with MediaWise, at the beginning of November. Our aim is to create, within three years, a pool of 25-35 trainers, at which point training will be reviewed and decision will be made as to whether the pool needs to be sustained through further regular training programs. An advisory panel of four people will oversee the “Training of trainers” development process.