MDI training yields a professional success story: Safaa Saleh Print

salmasmallPublished: 10 June 2012

Country: Egypt

An MDI trainee, Safaa Saleh, has turned out to be a successful professional feature stories journalist writing for one of the private mainstream newspapers in Egypt, Al Massry Al Yom. Safaa received training from MDI in 2010.

"MDI training played a great role in my career development" she states. Moreover Safaa was a speaker in the latest inclusive journalism workshop for a new batch of trainees, held in Cairo in June 2012.

"For the first time, with MDI training, I learnt to write professionally on minority issues in my local community" she explained to the 16 new trainees, so as to encourage them to start the mentorship programme within MDI's current project in Egypt, ‘Rebuilding Post-Revolution Egyptian Media’, funded by the Swedish International Cooperation Development Agency.

Safaa also won the Samir Kassir Award in 2010 for her article ‘Tobacco Girls’ about the terrible conditions faced by Egyptian girls working in the tobacco industry.

The following short video (in Arabic) is about the recent training course including the presentation given by Safaa: